The abolition of "Mobile slavery" in Kazakhstan

    Good day, dear!

    This text will be of interest mainly to users of cellular networks in Kazakhstan.
    It concerns the abolition of "Mobile slavery" and the so-called MNP service - portability of a mobile number.
    In this text, I act as a “client” who wants to share “nuances”.

    For details, go to the article.

    So what do we have at the moment?

    The subscriber has the right to change the operator no more than once every 60 days. Previously, there was information that once every six months.
    The time without communication (during the shift) was called for 4 days, now 4 hours have been announced, during which 3 will be only incoming, to a temporary incoming number, and only during the hour the transition procedure will take place.

    For the subscriber, this moment is transparent, since all calls to the old number will come to the temporary number assigned to the new SIM card received from the telecom operator.

    And during the last hour, the temporary number will be replaced by the number that is transferred, completing the transfer procedure.

    The transfer procedure itself will require a written Application with the passport data, the required tariffs and services of the new operator, according to its templates, as well as the registration form and copies of its identification documents, which it will fill out and transmit at the offices of the selected operator.

    It is important to remember that the balance from the old operator is not transferred.
    It must be used up (if it is a pity to lose).

    Also, while they do not give the number to be transferred, if there are debts behind it, BUT, from February they promise that it will be possible to do the transfer in this case too !!!
    If there was an error in the completed data, the transfer will be refused, with an indication of the reason, which will allow to repeat the procedure in the future (filling in the data and submitting an application).

    It will be useful to know that in the future, callers should be accompanied by sound, which operator the caller should be with, informing him of this.

    I would also like to give people an idea for reflection that telecom operators have been granted 4G licenses, and Internet speeds will increase this year.

    The transition to this service in Russia showed the vain fears of operators about a decrease in the subscriber base (major operators).
    Let's see how it will be in Kazakhstan.

    PS update 2016.02.04
    The transfer of numbers from a legal entity to Kcell to a legal entity (of the same) to Beeline in the presence of debt (and this is a credit settlement system, that is, you should always) - the transfer was refused.
    Transferring a number from an individual to an individual is also denied, without any reason being given at all.
    After a couple of days, the procedure for physical. They repeated the face - the number was transferred.
    As a result - if you have debts on Kcell (for example, you are in the credit system) - transferring you is problematic.

    After the transfer, Kcell makes 3 short beeps for the numbers transferred from them for identification. So be aware that the number is not on Kcell.

    Thank you all for your attention.

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