Overview of the bluetooth headset from Dadget - musical "bananas" in the ears

    I have been interested in various gadgets for a long time and somehow even published a couple of articles on one site about mobile technologies. I am not a professional journalist, however, I am interested in exploring new devices and sharing my impressions of them.

    When I saw a link in one of the articles on Geektimes to Dadget's suggestion to write a review on some device, I was interested to try. Of the gadgets that are on the site, I liked the headphones that work through bone-conduction sound and a Geiger keychain the most. I wrote to the Dadget, and they first suggested writing me a bluetooth stereo headset review. This headset was less enthusiastic for me than those two gadgets, however, thinking, I agreed.

    I already have some experience using Bluetooth headphones - now I have a Nokia BH-905i, large headphones with an excellent noise reduction system, which I mainly use at home due to size and weight, there is a Samsung HS3000 headset, where I stuck it instead of standard headphones Shure SE-215, which gave very good sound quality, but did not completely get rid of interfering wires and there is the MEElectronics Air-Fi Metro2 AF72, a lightweight and comfortable headset with excellent sound, the main disadvantages of which are the rather high price and low prevalence in Russia and. Accordingly, I will compare the headset from the Dadget with the last two headsets, since the format for all three headsets is quite similar.

    Headphones from

    Samsung HS3000 + Shure SE215 Dadget

    MEElectronics Air-Fi Metro2 AF72

    Scope of delivery, specifications

    The headset came to me in the same form in which it is sold in a store - in a sealed gray-green box. The box shows the main characteristics of the headset, serial number, as well as the fact that it is made in China.

    Her characteristics are as follows:
    • Bluetooth Version - 4.1 + EDR
    • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
    • Continuous work time: 6-8 hours
    • Resistance: 16 Ohm
    • Effective range: 10 m
    • Maximum input power: 10 mW
    • Charging time 1.5 - 2 hours

    Box with headphones, front view

    Box with headphones, rear view

    I can’t check most of these characteristics, and I think that the only thing that matters here is the battery life.
    Also in the box there is a black cover made of velvet-like fabric, petals that can be worn on the earphones to hold them better in your ears, a short microUSB cable, a manual and a warranty card in Russian. What is missing is interchangeable nozzles of different sizes, standard ones may not suit anyone. However, they are quite suitable for me, in addition, interchangeable headphone heads can be easily purchased separately.

    Contents of delivery


    The first thing you notice is that the headphones are large and yellow. As my friend to whom I showed them aptly remarked, they look like bananas in my ears :) Otherwise, everything is pretty usual, the headphones themselves are made of plastic, the black and silver parts are glossy, shiny, the yellow ones are matte, soft-touch to the touch --touch plastic. A thin flat black cable connects the headphones to each other, and a control unit is located closer to the right earphone. The microUSB jack for charging is located on the underside of the right earphone. It is not covered by anything, however, with this arrangement, dust should not be packed there. The channels leading to the speakers are covered with a metal mesh to prevent dirt from getting inside. The left and right earphones are marked with large letters L and R, respectively, so that they will not be confused. There is also an LED indicator on the right earphone, which blinks blue when the headphones are working, constantly lights red when charging and blue when charging is complete. Fortunately, it is quite small and therefore almost invisible in daylight. But in the dark entrance you can see how his flashing slightly illuminates the surrounding objects.

    Wearing comfort

    The main factor that affects wearing comfort is size. Headphones are really very large for this form factor. Wearing them under a hat is uncomfortable. Anyway, if you wear them without additional petals, then they strive to constantly fall out of my ears when turning my head. Petals correct the situation, headphones with them sit firmly and do not fall out, even if you turn your head. It is most convenient to let the wire pass behind the neck, this allows you to quickly hang the headphones on the neck if they need to be removed for a short time.

    There are three buttons on the control unit - in the form of plus, minus and square. When playing music, they behave quite predictably - with a single press, plus increases the volume, minus - decreases, and the central button in the form of a square pauses the track and starts playback back. Holding the plus button for 3 seconds rewinds the track to the beginning, holding the button again switches to the previous track, holding the minus button switches to the next track. Also, by pressing the central button once, you can pick up the phone during an incoming call, and pressing it during a call hangs up. The headset turns on and off by a long press on the central button, an even longer press when turned on puts the headset in pairing mode. Pressing the center button for about a second turns on voice dialing. The headset voices the following actions in a slightly nasal female voice in English: turning the headset on and off, connecting and disconnecting from the phone and switching to pairing mode, incoming call and end call, voice dialing mode, achieving minimum and maximum volume when adjusting it, and low battery. Pause, pause and rewind tracks are not voiced in any way.

    Working hours

    Usually I listen to music no more than a couple of hours a day when I go somewhere or ride the subway. For a couple of days in this mode, the headset is definitely enough. I think I’ll do a test for continuous playback later and post the results. There is no way to find out the current charge of the headset, and when the charge is low, it will start talking about it about once a minute, so it will be impossible to listen to music normally. Conclusion - it is better to charge it once every couple of days and everything will be in order.

    Voice quality

    Bluetooth stereo headsets are always more headphones than talking devices, which is clearly visible in this model. Talking on it is comfortable enough if it’s quiet around. If there is any noise around, the interlocutor will also hear it very well, since there is no noise reduction technology here. At the same time, the interlocutor is heard quite well, legibly, although the headset does not convey all the shades of voice. In general, if you listen to music in the headset and a call comes in - you can talk, it’s better to move the control unit closer to your mouth, because the microphone is there. However, I compare the quality of voice transmission with one of the best mono bluetooth headsets on the market - Plantronics Voyager Edge, which I usually use. If you compare with the Samsung HS3000 and the MEElectronics AF72, the difference will not be so noticeable.

    Music playback quality

    The main purpose of this headset is to listen to music, let's see how well she manages to play this role.

    First, I’ll say that I didn’t like it - at the time of connecting the headset and after it, sometimes there is a slight hiss, similar to the static in an old radio. Then it disappears, but still the moment is unpleasant. Still sometimes the connection with the headset suddenly begins to break, and the music comes with a stutter. This happens quite rarely and for some reason always in the same place near the metro Highway Enthusiasts, perhaps there is some local source of interference. In other places, the headset confidently keeps in touch both on the street and indoors.
    Otherwise, everything is good enough. Of course, you should not expect any unrealistically beautiful sound from this headset, it still belongs to the budget segment, and it does not have the AptX codec for transmitting sound via bluetooth with high quality. However, my favorite songs sound the way I expect. Subjectively, the sound quality of this headset is comparable to the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2, which I somehow used for several days.

    The headphone volume of this headset is not just sufficient, but excessive. At maximum volume, the ears are significantly unpleasant and I do not recommend listening to music at such a volume.

    Noise isolation is good, you can listen to music next to the arriving subway train, of course, you can hear the sound of the train, but it does not interrupt the music. The noise isolation of the Shure SE215 headphones with foam nozzles, which I use with the Samsung HS3000 headset, is, of course, better. The noise isolation of MEelectronics AF72 is about the same as that of the headset from the Dadget.


    So, what can you say about these headphones? In general - for your money it’s not bad at all. Now they cost 2350 rubles , nothing can be bought from large brands for this money.

    Who will not fit these headphones? Music lovers can definitely pass by, however, real music lovers generally will not want to listen to any headphones with Bluetooth technology. People who adhere to a strict official style of clothing, bright yellow headphones are also not suitable.

    For whom can this device be interesting? Just for those for whom brightness and visibility will be an advantage, not a disadvantage. For example, for children, adolescents, people who prefer a bright, sporty style of clothing. This is also a good option for those who just want to try the headphones of this form factor and are not going to spend much time in them. So as a gift option for a child who has a smartphone, headphones are quite suitable. Only need to pay attention to the maximum volume. Fortunately, now on many smartphones there is a volume limiter, which requires confirmation in order to turn up the volume above a certain level.

    If you have any questions - ask in the comments, I will try to quickly answer all questions. Also, please write in the comments a review of which gadget would you like to see next, headphones that work through bone conduction or a Geiger keychain ?

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