Weeding weeds? Nothing is easier, charge it to Bosch

    Bonirob is in a hurry to complete his task - to destroy all weeds

    . Whoever has a plot of land, or once had, knows how it exhausts - weed weeds. This should be done regularly, and no matter what the weather is, third-party plants on the field need to be destroyed. This is usually done manually, or with the help of herbicides. Now there is another way - to weed out weeds can be entrusted to a machine created by Bosch. It is called the hardworking robot Bonirob.

    To be precise, the robot was created by a subsidiary of Deepfield Robotics. The robot does not just walk around the field and destroys everything in a row. He is trained to distinguish cultivars and third-party plants. According to the company, the robot performs its work very carefully, while the environmental impact is minimal. At the same time, Bonirob, the size of which is comparable to the size of a small car, can monitor the growth of crops on the field, and also determine whether plants require fertilizer and watering. And all this is in an automatic mode, laboratory conditions are not required.

    Having discovered a weed, Bonirob destroys it mechanically , and no herbicides are used. The plants are identified by leaf shape, with Bonirob a self-learning system.

    Professor Amos Albert, head of Deepfield Robotics, says: “After a while, using data such as leaf color, leaf shape and size, Bonirob learns to determine weeds more accurately.” The efficiency of the system now stands at 90%.

    The project itself is a joint initiative of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Bosch. In addition, Osnabrück University and Amazone are participating in the project (no, not Amazon, there are no typos).

    By the way, Amazone already showed a robot named Bonirob back in 2011, at the Agritechnica show. Then the cost of the car was 120 thousand pounds, the device required an engine from Honda with a capacity of 3 hp. The new version of the robot is much more advanced, has a lot of features and accuracy.

    By the way, German Chancellor Angela Merkel this month personally evaluated the capabilities of the robot:

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