Lumo Lift - electronic posture corrector for the office

    The perplexity of “correct back position” is confirmed by at least an abundance of projects on the spine and alignment. And the easiest way to maintain an even position is posture correctors, one of which we will talk about today - Lumo Lift .

    The axiom that pushes manufacturers to create “posture gadgets” is quite simple: a healthy spine is a guarantee of the normal functioning of all body systems. However, correctors do not possess healing properties. Unless preventive, and therefore play with the concept of "Posture."

    Here, too, we should make a reservation, since in different scientific disciplines different concepts are understood under posture. Say, in the historical paradigm, posture should be understood as a sign that distinguishes an erect man from an animal that was acquired in the process of evolution. “Medical posture” is a typology of several forms of a healthy and curved spine. In a linguistic sense, the word is one-root borrowed from the Turkic languages ​​"san", which meant "high rank, rank" and was not very common in the Old Slavonic language. However, both Chernykh and Fasmer are related to him in Sanskrit: “sanu” - top, height, or - continuing to argue - aspiration to the top. In the same row is the word “linger”, take a certain pose. Within the framework of the same semantic core, Dahl also interprets “Posture”, in which: “under the posture they mean harmony,

    And, frankly, modern corrector manufacturers are also interpreting posture, the main task of which is not to strengthen the spine, but to improve the appearance. But it is not so.

    Lumo Lift - “synthetic” posture corrector The

    gadget is a small sensor with a magnetic type of attachment to clothes. The logo is a curved line, vaguely reminiscent of a “L” falling to the side - the capital letter of the company.

    Outwardly, you do not manifest your “companion” in any way, depriving yourself of unnecessary questions from anyone. For convenience, such magnets can be chosen to match the color of clothes, accessories, makeup (optional for girls), turning them into a minimalistic brooch.

    One of the bold decisions of the authors of the project at the time was the "deprivation" of the display device. It was commented in such a way that in everyday life we ​​are surrounded by too much digital information: smartphone, tablet, smart watch. However, this same solution now allows the Lumo Lift to "live" for about five days on a single charge.

    The sensor plate itself is one big button, with the help of which autonomous control of the gadget takes place. “Bother” is not very necessary, and it is enough to remember one function: double-tap. This activates the sensor’s memory, after which it begins to monitor how you hold your back. Simply put:

    • Choose your desired pose
    • Double click on the device twice
    • Feel a triple vibration response - the position is fixed
    • Try not to slouch

    The "synthetics" of the gadget, as stated in the subtitle, is manifested in its additional functions. Lumo Lift is a physical activity tracker that monitors your activity, counts steps, distance and calories burned. Statistics of your activity and the position of your spine are sent to the proprietary application:

    * Lumo Lift also transfers information to computers running Windows, but using a special “Dongle,” which is purchased separately .

    Applications not only collect statistics, but also allow you to adjust the corrector intensity. For this, the Coach section was developed, where in an intuitive form you can select the signal interval.

    We advise you not to take the minimum, for example, five seconds, since in this mode you will receive notifications even when you tie the shoelaces. Also, as can be seen from the screenshots, you can set goals yourself, and from Lumo partners - MyFitnessPal - with which you can synchronize data on physical activity, if it seems convenient.

    Sensitivity Lumo Lift

    The sensor is very sensitive, and picks up the slightest deviation, and therefore it is not recommended to immediately turn your workouts into torment and ask an "ultra-slim" pose for memorization. At the same time, the corrector does not work in motion, and Lumo remains to work only as an activity tracker.

    Therefore, it is addressed primarily to those who spend a lot of time sitting in a working chair, when the curvature of the spine is "acquired" imperceptibly. This is important not only to look great against the background of colleagues. Improper posture greatly affects breathing, and then - the work of the cardiovascular system, and leads to "interruptions" in heart rate, stress, rapid fatigue and headache.

    At the same time, Lumo Lift cannot be recognized as a completely “cosmetic” product. Forgetting and then straightening up again, you still perform minimal physical exercises that work to strengthen the muscle corset, gradually developing a “flat back” reflex until you imperceptibly maintain the correct posture yourself.

    This distinguishes Lumo Lift from the numerous corsets that hold your spine in your place, thereby gradually leading to muscle atrophy and dependence on the “narcotic” use of such structures.

    Scope of delivery

    For the last delivery, Lumo Lift has significantly improved the appearance, while maintaining the complete set of the device.

    The device is offered in a compact rectangular box, almost a gift, where you will find the Lumo Lift posture sensor, two removable clip-on magnets, a special “female” mount on the underwear straps and a charging dock.

    Despite the modest size of the device, it is quite convenient to store it, and at worst you can use it as a magnet on the refrigerator, so as not to forget to fix it on yourself during morning coffee.

    And if the gadget gets lost on the table, then the application has a search function, activating which you need to listen to the vibration of Lumo.


    Lumo Lift is the second LumoBodyTech corrector, which eventually supplanted the lumbar Lumo Back. The company is currently developing a special platform for controlling movements during training and,As it became known recently , I was able to receive $ 10 million for the development of this area.

    The second area that is currently developing is smart sportswear. The initiator of this direction, apparently, is one of the founders of the company, Monisha Perkash, since in her early interviews she admitted that she was interested in the direction of sports medicine, and the idea of ​​creating Lumo Lift came after long dialogues with her husband, who is a sports doctor .


    The cost of Lumo Lift today, on Black Friday, and until Monday is 7 700 5 590 rubles .

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