Finger robots make stupid gadgets smart

    A startup from South Korea offers Microbot Push, low-power devices that allow you to press switches in your home. Finger robots can be programmed to turn on lights, music, coffee makers, fans and other household appliances that have buttons.


    The Microbot Push device needs to be installed above the button, and then you can control it using a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can install two devices on a conventional light switch in the room so that one robot turns on the light and the other turns it off. The gadget can turn off the computer and any other devices that have buttons.

    The smartphone will allow you to configure the device so that they work on a specific scenario. For example, when Prota - the external "brain" of these robots - detects your phone in the apartment, it will automatically turn on the light.

    In the past, other South Korean developers made the PIBOT robot pilot . The peculiarity of the robot was that it has a physical shell, external manifestation - this distinguishes it from the autopilot. PIBOT can be used to remotely control almost any transport. In the case of Microbot Push, we see the implementation of the same concept of universality, but using the example of turning an ordinary house into a smart one.


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