Repairing a Surface Book yourself is almost impossible


    The iFixit guys reached the new Microsoft product, Surface Book, and delivered a disappointing verdict: 1 out of 10 maintainability points . This means that it is almost impossible to repair or replace anything in a new product from the Surface line.

    The main obstacles to repair are the glue and layout of the boards inside the Surface Book, as well as the difficulty in removing the ultra-thin screen. The engineers who designed the device wanted to make sure that all its components are securely fixed, so everything that is not screwed on is tightly covered with glue.

    And even if you handle the glue, you will have an internal line-up, in which the "wiring" on the boards will be on the back, inaccessible to you. So, for example, when removing the screen, you will see the back of the motherboard, instead of the front. As stated in the iFixit video below, “it looks like a challenge.”

    Such solutions could be caused by the desire of Microsoft engineers to organize a flat surface under the screen, but, in turn, this adds a lot of problems during the repair.

    Verdict iFixit unambiguous: 1/10. Do not try to open the Surface Book yourself, it will not lead to anything good.

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