Autumn ride on a radio-controlled boat UDI 001

    Today we will talk about a radio-controlled boat. The main task is to find out what people found in the management of such units. And today's instance is the Udi 001 racing boat. To be honest, I was skeptical about the boat test. Well, what is there? water, a boat with a motor ... It would seem that what could hit here? But I was mistaken ...

    Having taken the battery out of the box and charged it, it was decided to start the review right from the test site, namely in Sokolniki Park on the way to the TechTrendsExpo conference .

    So, let's begin. The box is made in the form of a suitcase with a handle, which, in principle, is convenient for carrying.

    In the configuration it turned out:
    • RC boat Udi 001.
    • Transmitter powered by AA batteries.
    • Quick start guide.
    • Battery (charged in advance).
    • Brochure on other products from UDI (oddly enough, it does not indicate boats ... but helicopters and quadrocopters .... hint?).
    • Boat stand, for effective storage of the house on the shelf, attached to the back of the foam packaging.
    • Screwdriver.
    • Anti-moisture bag (just in case, put inside the boat itself).

    ps Unfortunately, the batteries for the remote control are not included.

    Turned on the remote, connected the battery. They closed the upper part of the body, which, incidentally, is very tight and does not give a chance of water to get inside. They tried to push gas or control the rear keel, holding the boat in his hands, but he did not respond to our actions. It was hypothesized that he has a built-in water sensor, which was later confirmed, since the boat immediately signaled when it came into contact with water.

    Udi 001 turned out to be very playful, the thrill of control is not comparable with anything from the other types of RC models. Laying turns on it is a great pleasure, while even on the steepest turns, without other obstacles, the boat does not turn over, but turns very spectacularly. But in a collision with the shore or other obstacles on the water - coups are possible. We were lucky, our boat rolled over near the shore and it was not difficult to get it. But what if he bumped into something in the middle of the lake? Yes, he just would have continued to swim further upside down until the element itself drove him to some shore.

    You also need to monitor the battery charge, the transmitter will begin to squeak with intermittent signals, meaning that you need to move to the shore. After all, there is a great chance that the boat can remain drifting in the middle of the lake precisely because of a dead battery. :) The

    boat hit me, I wanted to drive more and more. Of course, there is nothing to compare with, but its behavior, speed and a certain presence of danger give the effect of dissecting space like on a spaceship in a game. I would also like to emphasize the incredible obedience of management.

    The battery started to sit down, and it was decided not to take risks and see how it was inside. After all, during his management, he turned over several times. But surprisingly, at autopsy, the inside was completely dry. I want to note that it is advisable to bring a rag with you, so that after swimming, wipe the outer hull of the boat from moisture before putting it back into the box.

    UDI 001 proved to be an extremely fascinating toy. It is great for riding it alone in a quiet pond. But a cooler application for him is racing with other boats. I advise you to even build a track! True, because of inexperience, you can crash into the shore and roll over, since the speed after acceleration is quite high. I think I will advise it to my friends who want to buy an rc boat for themselves. By the way, this pleasure cost me $ 39.54 * (~ 2500 rubles).

    That's all, with you there was a simple service for choosing complex Dronk.Ru equipment .
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