Fiction now

A list of fresh fiction under the age of 5 years. And then all the recommendations and lists are filled with classics without a single glimpse.

Works claiming the status of classic

1. Robert Ibatullin “The Rose and the Worm”

Diamond hard science fiction, the only work with alien civilization on a galactic scale and observance of the theory of relativity.

Annotation from Alexey Anpilogov . The book will be released by the new year. Unfortunately, the author deleted the published parts from the page on Samlib.

2. Syromyatnikova Irina “My Life”

Techno-fantasy, psychology, mysticism, a delightful world, bright heroes. The beginning is trivial: Thomas Tangor, a student at the University, a black magician, and, like any student, he does not have enough money - he undertakes to shabbat from archaeologists, and then ...

Read in this order: King's Island -> Private practice -> Artel vain work -> Rustles and Whispers -> Disciple of the Devil -> A city which is not -> Alchemist with a military diploma -> Monter of the ways of the Lord-> Angels in combination.

Author page on samizdat - there are all published works in full.

3. Eliezer Yudkowsky “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality”

Yes, you were not mistaken, this is a Harry Potter fan fiction. Fan fiction is incomparable, very "rational", the author knows perfectly the work of the human brain and scientific methods of cognition. The result is fascinating. Petunia Evans married a university professor; Harry is growing very different.

Translation into Russian is almost finished, the original is finished.

Good books

1. de_souza, “Bicycle Tamers”

Good humor and sports, where athletes drive 300 km in 5 hours, 6 days in a row.

2. Myasnikov Victor Alekseevich, “Kings of Vanadium”

Excellent humor. Space is actively exploring, and three comrades are catching an asteroid from vanadium. And here the media, exchanges, copywriters - read here.

3. Syromyatnikova Irina, “Specialist”

The story is in the best traditions of the old school of the NF, fast and tough. The author hangs all his works just like that, you can’t leave this unpunished.

4. Pavlov Igor Vasilievich, “Great Game”

Aliens flew to Earth and connected to the galactic network. The great event turns into a massive online farming.

5. Shumil Paul, “Three, four, five, I'm going to search”

Just a good NF from a good author.

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