Watch for perfectionism in IT

    The first bug, production, a product without a specification, regression tests, millions of autotests, a terrible blocking bug and much, much more - today is a professional holiday of specialists, without which calculators (and some people) are divided into zero, rockets beat against the firmament, and yours the program cannot perform the requested operation and will be shot. Good testers are loved and appreciated by everyone! Happy tester's day!

    In the development team, everyone does his own thing: someone comes up with functionality, someone implements it in code, someone creates interfaces. As a result, creation is born - a software product. But there are people in the development team who only dream of breaking, dropping, hanging, caving, pulling out all the bugs, shortcomings, mistakes, blemishes, and blots. Like, here you are, colleagues, a list of imperfections, do whatever you want with it, but better correct it.

    Probably, when these harsh and uncompromising team members take up the matter, something is compressed in the chest of each programmer. It cannot but shrink when the fruits of your labors are examined under a microscope, doing with them something you could not even think of. And then they triumphantly say that the program did not endure such and such abuses, hung twice, flew out three times with an error, and 56 times behaved very strange in general. And programmers have to look for reasons, come up with solutions and implement them. And then again, these people are in every possible way chasing the application, and programmers are fixing it. And so on until the application starts to execute commands on the first click.

    And this is just a schematic description of testers. Testing is not just looking for bugs. The task of the tester, important in every sense, is not only to protect the user from bugs, passing the application through himself, through his rich professional experience. Testers can determine what exactly is happening incorrectly in the program, what is the cause of the defect, which allows them to improve their knowledge about the product and, ultimately, about users.

    Being a tester means following the path of continuous development to increase efficiency, looking for unobvious bugs, thereby improving yourself as a professional, as well as products and the developers themselves. Therefore, with special trepidation, we congratulate the testers on their professional holiday!

    By the way, if you are in Nizhny Novgorod or its environs, then behold ! On September 17th we are meeting a testers. Details on the link, participation is free, everyone can be recorded.

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