General impressions of the NAB Show 2015 in Las Vegas

    Good day.

    About a month ago, we talked with one of our potential partners on Skype, and he offered to meet at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Like, you’ll probably be there, can we cross? Another client asked the same question a little earlier - he wanted to meet and discuss his new project. We heard about this exhibition, one of our subscribers even exhibited there, but so far there was no reason to go. And so, an occasion appeared.

    NAB is the American National Association of Broadcasters, which brings together companies in one way or another connected with media broadcasting. Once a year she organizes a trade show, i.e. an exhibition of science and technology in its field. The purpose of the event is to bring in one place all those who offer products for creating and providing media content and those who will be interested in them. This is the largest exhibition of such subjects in the world.

    The note below - personal impressions of the event, an opinion on who will be interested in visiting it, and a few photos from the places.

    So, we realized that it was worth a try, and figured out the budget. Since I already had an American business visa, it remained for me to buy tickets and increase accommodation. Having arranged everything, they threw a cry among clients and partners: you will be in Vegas - write, call, meet. Surprisingly many people responded, current and potential customers decided that it was worth seeing in person, since there is such an occasion. Good sign, we thought.

    Behind deeds and cares the time has come to fly. A couple of days at airports and airplanes - and I'm there.

    All the action is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center - the exhibition center hosting a wide variety of events.

    On the first day of the exhibition I received a visitor's badge and a brochure with a map of the area. She also gave detailed plans for all the pavilions listing the participants and their locations. In the photo below - a general layout of all areas.

    To understand the scale: the length of the central hall is more than half a kilometer and a width of two hundred meters. Each hall is divided into platforms of different sizes, each with its own number, between which passages are provided - so that people do not crowd. In the allotted area, the participant who bought the place can do anything - erect any structure, hang any from the ceiling, put up stands, chairs with tables, order a separate coating - softer, firmer, separate color - or even fence off meeting rooms for communication with respected people .

    All 4 available main exhibition areas plus nearby hotels were used as auxiliary hotels for organizing accommodation, convenience suites for meeting with partners and clients, holding meetings in the network format, etc. According to preliminary estimates, about 100,000 people visited the exhibition this year. So in the most popular destinations it was sometimes very lively.

    Several photos in the course of the text convey a little described. I shot it with a cup of coffee, and even with uneven lighting, so the quality is appropriate.

    The general impression is a lot . Getting around all at once in a day is practically unrealistic.

    At the exhibition there were companies representing all stages of creating media content:
    - shooting equipment: cranes, platforms, special vehicles, satellite dishes;
    - equipment for studios;
    - cameras and lenses;
    - software for video processing, editing studios;
    - encoders - soft and iron;
    - software for video delivery;
    - software and hardware for radio and Internet radio stations;
    - companies that conduct filming and post-production;
    - Infrastructure companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

    The focus is constantly changing, and if in the early years half of the exhibition was occupied by content producing studios, now the focus has shifted to delivery and monetization means.

    Everything is organized in an organized manner - navigation, information support - everything is simple, clear and convenient. The participants are arranged according to the business theme, approximately as I listed above.
    Of the minuses, it’s worth noting the bad Internet. In the exhibition halls, he was only for money, in the halls - either free bad, or average and also for money. Although of course, having 100K people in a limited space, it is difficult to expect a good connection.

    During the exhibition, he held a number of very useful meetings and saw a lot of fun. For myself, I came to the conclusion that a person living outside the United States should consider a trip to NAB for the following purposes:
    1. Meeting with customers, partners and just interested people, especially if they live in the USA or Canada. Offering a meeting on NAB, you can most likely expect that your interlocutor will also be there. Personal communication is no substitute for anything - people want to understand who they are dealing with, look into their eyes, understand whether these people from faraway Russia are adequate - in general, it is possible and necessary to make the right impression at a meeting.
    2. Familiarization with the right set of technologies. Let's say you are interested in equipment and software for filming programs for your Internet television. Or are you interested in multicopter and want to see them in action, to feel live. If you understand your area of ​​interest, you can get acquainted with the necessary technologies for a very finite time.
    3. Well, or another option - it just so happened that you came to Vegas and you have some time in the afternoon before you go into all seriousness in the evening :)

    In my case, the first option worked. And there is an opinion that next year you need to go again.

    Finally - a few photos on the hottest topic of this exhibition - multicopter, or drones, as they are called there. They were literally everywhere. From a dedicated pavilion in one of the buildings to stands scattered in different places.

    There will be no pictures of Vegas itself - running around the exhibition did not leave any time for going around the casino.

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