Mozilla Launches 12 Tor Intermediate Hosts Using Its Servers

    Back in November last year, Mozilla management promised to provide technical assistance to the Tor project. As part of this assistance, the organization launched 12 high-bandwidth intermediate nodes . All Mozilla Tor traffic points are based on three HP SL170zG6 servers (48 GB RAM, 2Xeon L5640, 21Gbps NIC) and several Juniper EX4200 network switches.

    In addition, the company allocated redundant channels (only 2 lines of 10 gigabits each) for the new system. According to representatives of the organization, the new project has significantly improved the infrastructure of the Tor network. At the same time, the network operates separately from the corporate one - in case of any problems, Mozilla’s own infrastructure will not be affected.

    In the near future, Mozilla is going to make its browser “more friendly” with respect to Tor. At the forefront is the idea of ​​increasing the privacy of the user, his protection from prying eyes when working on the Web. Now the company’s specialists are conducting further research on the features of Tor in order to make Firefox more secure.

    It is worth noting that now not only Mozilla is interested in Tor, but also many other companies that produce software that works with web content and network applications.

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