Sales! 4 million HyperX headsets find their lucky owners

    Hello Giktayms! As Professor Farnsworth from Futurama said: “Good news, people!” In February of this year, sales of HyperX headsets exceeded the mark of four million units. This, by the way, is three times more than the entire circulation of the first iPhone. Such a number of headsets would be enough to provide an excellent gaming accessory for every resident of Latvia, Estonia and Luxembourg combined. And the passage of this long-awaited checkpoint once again confirms that HyperX headsets are needed and loved by all customers - from gamers to ordinary users.

    February. Russian office of HyperX.

    We have been creating gaming headsets since April 2014, that is, almost four years. And if it took us a little less than two years to sell the first million devices, then over the next two years we have already sold three million devices! Now our headsets can be bought in 15 thousand stores in more than 100 countries on six continents. During this time, our devices have received such a set of awards that North Korean generals would envy.

    If HyperX headsets were human.

    After the first million headsets sold, the HyperX brand gained a foothold in the e-sports environment - not only ordinary gamers, but also world-famous champions began to use our accessories. Who said that HyperX e-sportsmen do not choose? Here is a list of 23 world-famous teams that confirm the opposite.

    Records and awards

    Each of our headsets has left its mark on history. For example, the elegant Cloud Stinger was recognized as the best gaming headset in the up to $ 50 segment and even received a very prestigious iF design 2017 award. We also received awards from leading gaming publications. PC Gamer called Cloud Revolver the headset of the year. Journalists noted very high-quality sound and comfort during prolonged use. Yes, thanks, now it was especially nice!

    World-famous called the Cloud Alpha model “striking” for its two-chamber cup design: it provides a richer sound and emphasizes the effectiveness of bass, but does not change its dimensions. This headset has the perfect balance between high and low frequencies. Remember how anomalously frightening low-cost headsets hiding the midrange behind the bass? Cloud Alpha is completely spared this flaw.

    The new HyperX Cloud Flight - our first wireless model - became the “Editor's Choice” of as part of the review of CES 2018 announcements. In the short time since the headset was released, it has collected many positive customer reviews.

    And now the most impressive record: the HyperX Cloud II headset, recognized as the best model in the range up to $ 100, was sold in a print run of 1.3 million units! This is one-third of all headset sales in four years. In general, Cloud II was a success, you can’t say otherwise.

    It's all about magic bubbles

    What is so special about HyperX headsets that they sold over 4 million copies? The secret is simple - cool products, a little hypnosis and a cleft foot under the shelves of stores.

    Although, to be honest, the whole point is in the feedback. Making a good headset is real, but you can bring it to perfection only taking into account the opinions of customers. HyperX works closely with gaming communities in all countries, and this is not only about athletes, reviews on store sites and comments are taken into account (including articles on GT). We collect all the comments, systematize them and send them to the head office of the engineers so that they take into account the significant nuances in creating future models.

    So, for example, in the second version of the Cloud series headset, the usual foam in the headband was replaced with foam with a memory effect, and the microphone received noise reduction and an extended frequency range.
    It's not a sin to talk about our exclusive memory-effect foam, which is used in the ear pads and headband of HyperX headsets. It is much softer and lighter than foam, and provides excellent sound insulation in both directions. In HyperX headsets with this foam, you can spend hours playing CS: GO, Overwatch, Starcraft II, or even Heroes of Might and Magic III for hours on end - your head and temples won't get tired, like most other full-size headsets.

    Further more

    4 million headsets is a lot. Not every gaming manufacturer can boast of such a circulation. But HyperX is not only headsets, but also professional gaming mice with ultra-precise sensors and an ergonomic shape, premium steel keyboards with RGB dot illumination (and now also proprietary software!), RAM, high-speed SSDs, high-capacity USB flash drives and even gaming mouse pads. And we pay maximum attention to each of these areas, listen to your feedback and wishes, and always try to make the best products - in terms of quality, convenience, functionality and attractive prices.

    2018 has just begun, but we have already managed to present a number of new products at the January CES. And this year you will find new gaming devices, even cooler. And we are waiting for new records and well-deserved rewards :) Because HyperX is serious.

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