Top 3D Shop invites video bloggers

As part of the development of its YouTube channel, Top 3D Shop announces a set of video bloggers for ongoing collaboration. Our future partners are people who understand 3D printing, 3D scanning or CNC machines, can make interesting videos and want to share knowledge with the audience.

In addition to payment, Top 3D Shop bloggers receive free review supplies. If you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you will get the opportunity to personally study the latest equipment, shoot this video, share your impressions with the audience and receive money for this - up to 20,000 rubles per video.

For video bloggers from other cities, sending consumables is provided, and in the case of stable long-term cooperation, equipment is also sent.

Examples of successful work:

This is a great chance to share useful knowledge with a larger audience than usual and get a financial incentive to grow and develop in technical video blogging with us.

If you have a portfolio of successful videos of relevant topics on YouTube - contact us and get started.

If you don’t have a portfolio, but have a great desire to collaborate, we offer a test task: shoot a new interesting video review on any 3D equipment or materials, post it on your YouTube channel and send it to us.

This should be an original video specially made for the Top 3D Shop, with unique content and title. The description of the video should mention Top 3D Shop, hashtags # 3dbloger and # top3dshop, as well as a link to the site The language of all the titles, descriptions for the video and the video itself is exclusively Russian (except for the official names of brands and models).

Successful videos, the authors of which will become our partners, will be paid.
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