The composition of the first add-on package for Fallout 4 became known

    Fans of the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout will soon receive the first DLC package ( downloadable content ), the composition of which has become known today. So, the first addition is called Automatron (its cost is $ 10, March 2016). In addition, the Wasteland is attacked by killer robots led by a Robomozin. Players met Robomozin in Fallout: New Vegas.

    The mechanic assassins provoked the attack by a certain Mechanist, with whom the player would have to fight. As a result, gamers will receive a constructor of robots that allows you to assemble your own model.

    The second addition was called Wasteland Workshop (price - $ 5, April 2016). Here you will need to participate in gladiatorial battles. Monsters from the Wasteland can be caught using traps of their own design, and then arrange fights - both with each other and with people.

    The third addition, Far Harbor ($ 20, May 2016), is a full-fledged addon, a new location is added here - the island. The hero receives the task of finding a colony of synths, in order to save the missing girl. At first glance, everything is simple, but the plot is much more confusing than it seems. The island has everything for entertainment - monsters, dungeons, and the equipment the player needs. Far Harbor will appear in May.

    By the way, Bethesda will increase the cost of the season pass to $ 50 from March 1. So while the price is $ 30, you can think about buying. There is another possibility - to become a beta tester. Then everything is free :)

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