The new SSZ line from OCZ and other new products from CES 2016

    Hi Geektimes! Although the company OCZ has already achieved significant success in the field of storage, we are not standing still, because the speeds, especially in the case of SSD, as they say, do not happen much. Therefore, at the last CES 2016 exhibition, we had a separate stand where new products were presented that definitely deserve your attention. We know that we were a little late, but we don’t want to ignore this topic, so it’s better to be late than never. Now most SSD manufacturers are striving to increase speeds, as well as reduce the ratio of the dollar to one gigabyte, and OCZ in this direction was no exception. We have taken into account all the wishes and suggestions of users of the Trion 100 disc and present the new Trion 150.

    Initially, the Trion 100 was positioned as a drive for "beginners" - it is great for studying or working with office applications, but not for running resource-intensive games or running graphics processing programs, not to mention editing videos. At the same time, it has good speed characteristics and a 3-year guarantee under the ShieldPlus program.

    The Trion 150 is a worthy successor to the Trion 100. The drive uses 15 nm TLC NAND flash memory, with read speeds of up to 550 MB / s and write speeds of 530 MB / s. Write speed without caching reaches 190 MB / s. SSD boasts next-generation TLC technology that optimizes SSDs for low power consumption and keeps all the necessary information safe.

    Кроме того, за счет использования новых алгоритмов записи удалось значительно повысить производительность твердотельного накопителя. Trion 150 выводит линейку Trion из класса «начинающим» на следующий уровень: он отлично подойдет даже геймерам, особенно тем, кто ищет оптимальное сочетание между ценой и производительностью и не хочет (или не имеет возможности) приобрести дорогой накопитель.

    Изменения в скорости вы почувствуете сразу же. Показатели максимального случайного чтения и максимальной случайной записи составляют 90,000 IOPS и 64,000 IOPS соответственно. На выбор предлагаются накопители емкостью 120 ГБ, 240 ГБ, 480 ГБ и 960 ГБ.

    Of course, no one has canceled the ShieldPlus three-year warranty, so if something happens to your drive, and this is unlikely, you will not have problems with its maintenance.

    But we have gathered you for another important reason. Another OCZ SSD model that debuted at CES is the updated RevoDrive 400 NVMe. Using the latter allowed us to achieve significant breakthroughs in terms of read and write speeds. As an interface for connecting to the motherboard, x4 PCI Express was chosen, a controller from Toshiba and 15 nm MLC flash memory are also used.

    What speed? Here you will be pleasantly surprised - up to 2400 MB / s and up to 1500 MB / s for reading and writing, respectively. But we will not be unfounded, it’s better to see for yourself what indicators have turned out in benchmarks.

    Perhaps this is exactly the case when the actual speeds differ from the stated ones, but not like many are used to (in the negative direction), but, on the contrary, in the positive. In the test, a model with a capacity of 512 GB was used, but versions of 128 GB, 256 GB and 1 TB are also available. The maximum random read rate is 210,000 IOPS, and the record is 140,000 IOPS. For comparison: the predecessor RevoDrive 400 - RevoDrive 350, the first indicator settled at 135,000 IOPS.

    And the speeds have increased compared to the RevoDrive 350 - it has a read and write rate of 1800 MB / s and 1700 MB / s, respectively, with an endurance of 50 GB / day.

    Some of the main changes affected the warranty: if the RevoDrive 350 is three years old, then the RevoDrive 400 is five years old, and according to the ShieldPlus program. Now you can not worry about the state of the SSD for a long time even with serious loads. Of course, you don’t need to forget about monitoring, but here the useful SSD Guru utility that supports all OCZ solid state drives will come to the rescue. Using it is very convenient to monitor the status of the disk on Windows, Mac and Linux.

    RevoDrive 400 is a real beast that will cope with top-end games, and with the most demanding applications, and with graphic programs, including working with 3D. Still, 2.7 GB / s on SSDs is not often seen.

    In addition to consumer solutions, CES also showed solutions for the corporate segment - for example, the Z-Drive 6300 AIC Series, the future of drives for use in companies. PCIe 3.0, protection against power overloads, adapted for low power consumption, and even capacity from 800 GB to 6.4 TB. 2800 MB / s for reading and 1600 MB / s for writing. For corporate needs, this is it.

    Actually, the entire Z-Drive line deserves attention - each drive has its own characteristics, take the same U.2 Series. Good performance, long-term warranty and capacity up to 3.2 TB.

    The set of SSDs for enterprise solutions is really large, and each organization will be able to choose the best option for itself.

    Saber 1000 or Intrepid 3700 server drives were not spared, which are significantly faster with long recording loads. Suitable for really difficult tasks. Saber 1000 HMS allows developers to use additional drive control with the HMS API. SSD performance improves even at lower cost.

    As you can see, the beginning of the year turned out to be really busy for OCZ. But there is still a lot of interesting things ahead, and we will continue to work to ensure that your drives are even faster and last even longer.

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