Removing Facebook can increase smartphone uptime by 20%

    Facebook had such a big impact on the battery life of Android smartphones that Chris Cox, vice president of products, forced his employees to drop iPhones and use Android in 2015 until they figure out the problem.

    But the problem remained, and several people took turns figuring out its scope.


    A Reddit user checked the speed of fifteen applications while Facebook and Facebook Messenger were on the smartphone and after they were uninstalled.

    Applications 20 Minuten, Kindle, AnkiDroid, ASVZ, Audible, Calculator, Camera, Chrome, Gallery, Gmail,, Shazam, Spotify, Wechat, Whatsapp launched 15 times and checked the speed using DiscoMark. The absence of FB and Messenger increased the speed of other applications by 15% in the case of the LG G4.

    The Guardian journalist checked this on his phone and replaced Facebook with the Metal app , which works simultaneously with Facebook and Twitter. As a result, the Huawei Nexus 6P by the end of the day left 20% more battery power than usual. At the same time, he used the same alerts and settings that he used in the official Facebook application.

    A Facebook spokesman responded to The Guardian’s request that the company received complaints from users of the Android app about speed, and is working on this issue. He did not mention the battery life.


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