Is Nissan's “self-parking” chair a successful advertisement or a promising innovation?

    Welcome to our readers on the iCover Blog Pages ! What will happen if the technologies of a smart parking assistant are implemented at the level of a regular office chair? - Nissan engineers asked about this question and created the “Intelligent Parking Chair” - a chair that can move along the desired “route” and “park” without being accompanied by a person.

    Intelligent parking assistant technology marketed by the Japanese auto giant Nissan and embedded in regular Okamura chairs and armchairsin the long run, they may well be used in modern offices, conference rooms, libraries and any other public premises with high attendance. An idea that looks, at first glance, somewhat strange, on closer inspection is surrounded by attractive details and a certain practical content.

    From the point of view of employees and office staff, the management of a smart chair is extremely simplified. It is enough to clap your hands or use some other conditional signal and the design starts moving and, guided by information received via Wi-Fi channels from the control computer in real time, is sent to the right place. If it is necessary to overcome obstacles on the way, the route of the chair is immediately automatically adjusted by the control algorithm. And thanks to the computer processing of routes, the entire process of arranging smart seats, regardless of their number and size of the room, lasts a matter of seconds and does not require any physical effort.

    The information processed by the computer comes from four cameras installed in the room in a special way. As you will see in the video below, the chair is really quite quickly and confidently oriented in space, choosing the shortest path and not interfering with other participants in the movement. Sometimes, to achieve the goal, he may need a cunning maneuver, and even a turn to the desired angle up to 360 degrees. And sometimes he gets the honorable mission to go on purpose with his owner. However, judging by the complexion of the model starring in the video, the permissible weight of the body transported in the prototype chair is still stubbornly tending to zero.

    An interesting assessment of experts from the authoritative publications The Verge and Engadget, divided in opinion regarding the reality of the appearance of such a chair in the foreseeable future. So, according to The Verge reporters , the prototypes demonstrated are a triumph of modern technology and a new word in the Internet of things industry. Experts from Engadget , on the other hand, have no illusions, explaining the very fact that the development of one of the original ways of advertising the actively developed Nissan intelligent parking assistants was developed by Nissan. The seats themselves, shown on the video, according to the publication, will remain on it further, and the office staff and staff responsible for the cleanliness of the rooms will have to push them into their place in the traditional way for more than one year.

    Whatever the true goal of the Intelligent Parking Chair project is, one cannot but agree that the technology implemented in smart chairs copes with its task perfectly. So, in one interpretation or another, the idea proposed by Nissan engineers is likely to be in demand in the IoT world.

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