Today Isaac Asimov would have turned 95 years old

    Isaac Yudovich Ozimov was born on January 2, 1920 in the village of Petrovichi, Smolensk region. He was a popularizer of science, a biochemist, and a writer, who presented the world with about 500 art books in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and detective stories, as well as popular science. Isaac Asimov belongs to the "Big Three" of science fiction writers, along with Arthur Clark and Robert Heinlein.


    The first story published by Isaac Asimov was “Captured by Vesta”, published in Amazing Stories in 1939. Two years later, another story was published that made the writer famous - “The Coming of the Night”, or “And the darkness has come” in some Russian publications. This work became one of the most famous stories ever published, and in 1968 it was recognized as the best of all fantastic stories ever written. The story tells the story of the planet Kalgash, where once every 2049 years night falls and the whole civilization perishes.


    Asimov began writing about robots in 1939: it was Robbie. Later, in 1941, the Liar was written about a mind-reading robot. It is here that the laws of robotics begin to appear, which were finally formulated in the 1942 round dance story. And in 1986, the novel "Robots and Empire" was proposed and the Zero Law. The laws of robotics have become a unifying theme for Isaac Asimov's science fiction. The collection of short stories “I, Robot” brought the writer world fame.

    0. A robot cannot harm humanity or, through inaction, allow humanity to be harmed.
    1. A robot cannot harm a person or, through inaction, allow a person to be harmed.
    2. The robot must obey all orders given by a person, except when these orders contradict the First Law.
    3. The robot must take care of its safety to the extent that it does not contradict the First and Second Laws.


    In 1942, a series of novels, The Foundation, was launched, the world of which was combined in 1980 with tales of robots. Now John Nolan is working on the script of the series on the series of novels. Since 1958, Asimov began to write more popular science literature.

    But what did he like the most? Asimov’s favorite stories were The Last Question, Bicentennial Man and The Ugly Boy, and his favorite novel was The Gods themselves.


    At the New Year holidays, you have great news to watch your favorite films made based on the works of Isaac Asimov.

    Bicentennial man

    You can start with Bicentennial Man, filmed in 1999. The main role in this film, based on "Positron Man" (which, in turn, is based on the short story "Bicentennial Man"), was played by Robin Williams.

    The film is about Andrew's robot, the NDR-114 model, which studies humanity and seeks questions. He understands that he himself becomes a man, and begins to turn himself into him physically. For two hundred years he has been following this path, trying through the court to achieve recognition by his man, and yet he will do so, albeit at the cost of his own life.



    I am a robot

    In 2004, the movie “I, Robot” was released, with Will Smith playing the lead role. The film is based on a series of works by Isaac Asimov about positron robots.


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