AeroMobil will launch a flying car in 2017

    Yesterday at the SXSW conference, AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik spoke about plans for a flying car. According to him, this technology is not just a prototype, but a model that is practically ready for commercial use. Moreover, AeroMobil expects to start selling flying cars in 2017.

    Vatsulik said that he dreamed of such a transport 25 years ago, when he lived in Czechoslovakia. And now his dreams have finally come true.

    Vatsulik believes that flying cars seem to free users from the “prison” of modern public transport, which does not meet the current needs of society.

    AeroMobil showed a prototype of the car several years ago, and now it is ready for version 3.0 of the car, which was officially introduced in October 2014.

    The new model is reliable enough to safely fly into the air and land. Vatsulik represents the time when a normal infrastructure for such transport will be created on the earth, including gas stations.

    True, this car is considered an aircraft, so a pilot license is required to control such a vehicle.

    AeroMobil plans to release in 2017 a model of a two-seater, which will be equipped with a parachute. The director of the company says that the biggest problems arise with equipping all the necessary security options. In addition, there are problems with choosing the right engine.

    Asked about the audience of potential buyers, Vatsulik said that flying cars for the first time will be seen as an expensive toy for the rich, but over time their value will fall. In the future, AeroMobil is going to bring to the market a four-seater model that will be able to work in a fully autonomous mode.

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