The oldest address in the .com zone is 30 years old

    4 years before the WWW system appeared on the Internet, Symbolics of Massachusetts registered the first domain in the .com zone with the name . This happened on March 15, 1985. Thus, this domain is the oldest in the most famous domain zone of the Internet. He was 30 years old this Sunday. A list of the same long-lived domains is maintained on a special Wikipedia page .

    During this time, the parent company managed to cease to exist in its original form. In the 80s of the last century, she was engaged in the production and sale of LISP computers . 3600 series workstations offered the user a 170 MB hard drive, a Macintosh-like graphical interface, a mouse, several CAD programs, Lisp, Fortran, C implementations and even the ability to process HDTV-quality video. All this in 1983 cost $ 110,000.


    Although these computers were once interested in DARPA for research in the field of artificial intelligence, such specialized machines could not stand the competition with the IBM PC. In 1993, Symbolics filed for bankruptcy. It was later acquired by another company, but under the same name switched to selling software. To this day, Symbolics Inc is selling the Genera proprietary operating system , designed for Lisp computers. The second Symbolics product is Macsyma's commercial computer algebra system , which was launched at MIT.

    This is what looked like after a change in company activity:


    In 2009, a domain name was purchased by an investment fund for an unnamed amount. They decided to use the domain not for its intended purpose, but as a kind of museum exhibit that does not require any advertising, but which itself can make good money on it. The former Symbolics website, which no designer has ever worked on, has moved to a new domain - .

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