Mesosphere received $ 36 million for the development of OS for data centers

    The Mesosphere startup became known about a year ago when it launched the Apache Mesos open source cloud tools. They were in demand and were used by companies such as Twitter and Airbnb to launch their data centers.

    Today, the startup again hit the headlines thanks to two reasons at once.

    Firstly, this is a statement that the company intends in the near future to unveil its new and most ambitious development based on previous ones - an operating system for data centers. Apache Mesos has effectively automated the process of deploying applications to servers in its data centers. In recent months, developers have gone even further by creating a kind of master utility that includes a wide range of open source tools.

    In an interview with VentureBeat CEO Mesosphere, Flo Libert said that "the company has created an entire operating system for use in data centers."

    The second news - according to the publication, the company announced the attraction of $ 36 million in venture capital investments in the second round of financing.

    Venture funds Andreessen-Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, SV Angel and Fuel Capital decided to invest in the latest startup development. Today, the volume of attracted investments is a total of $ 48.85 million, taking into account the 10 million that the company raised half a year ago as a result of Round A.

    Mesosphere’s DCOS (Data Center Operation System) provides a set of tools with a user interface that allows the operator to select and deploy several distributed system technologies, including the Hadoop file system for Cassandra and Accumulo databases and the Kubernetes container management system. In the graphical interface, resources from the library can simply be dragged to the command panel. The library supports popular open source products, there is also the ability to add your own software packages. The operating system controls the entire data center, turning it into a single complex, and allows the operator to monitor the work of many applications at once.

    Investments will allow the startup to expand the staff of developers - currently 40 people work at the Mesosphere office in San Francisco, and by the end of 2015 their number will reach 120, company representatives said. By this time, the product is planned to be launched on the market.

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