Model X release postponed to third quarter of 2015

    The Tesla SUV was supposed to appear on the market in 2013. But the company decided to postpone the release of Tesla Model X to this year. If any of you were planning to purchase this car, then the plans will have to be slightly changed: the release date of Model X was again rescheduled, now in the third quarter of 2015.

    This information was published by the company Elon Mask, along with its financial report. In general, the car itself is already ready, and the body, and the motor, and batteries - all this is there. But the electric car needs additional tests.

    As you know, security is the cornerstone of all Tesla policies. The Tesla Model S sedan crashes crash test equipment designed for regular cars and gets top scores in the US and Europe. But the SUV is a new form factor that must undergo additional testing and verification.

    According to Elon Musk, the company must know all the weaknesses of the car in order to eliminate the shortcomings even before the car reaches the masses.

    Well, let's hope that next year Model X will appear on the market, and the release date of the SUV with an electric motor will not be postponed.

    Via Tesla Motors (PDF)

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