The European mobile provider has promised to block mobile ads. But not all

    Three UK Store Three Group’s European

    Mobile and Mobile Internet Provider has announced that it’s working with Shine Technologies to begin developing mobile ad blocking . In a press release, the company said that not all ads will be blocked, but only “inappropriate” and “immoderate”. Three Italy and Three UK divisions will begin the experiment. Three Group explains that they are not aiming to destroy mobile advertising, but only want to give users the opportunity to more conveniently manage the content that they want to receive. According to the company, blocking ads at the network level should work better than blocking through programs installed on the end devices.

    The operator emphasizes that, in his opinion, advertisers should pay not for users to download ads. Some advertisers violate the privacy of users by embedding means for tacit monitoring of them in advertising, which is also unacceptable. Also, users have the right to receive only relevant and interesting ads, and not to spoil the impression of using mobile Internet due to overly intrusive or inappropriate advertising.

    It is known that both ads appearing on pages of sites and those that appear in free mobile applications will be blocked, provided that this advertisement is delivered through large advertising networks.

    The team at Shine Technologies believes that advertising can take from 10% to 50% of all the traffic available to users, which, among other things, spends battery life without any benefit and increases the loading time of content.

    Roi Carthy is convinced that “blocking ads is everyone’s right.” He himself claims that he “loves advertising,” but that, in his opinion, it needs to be better controlled than it is now, controlled and regulated.

    According to some estimates, more than $ 100 billion will be spent on mobile advertising in 2016 , and it will occupy about 70% of the entire digital advertising market.

    Three Group began its history in the UK with the operator Three UK, which began providing 3G services in 2003. Three Group is a division of Hutchison Whampoa Limited , an investment holding company based in Hong Kong. Shine Technologies is an Israeli startup that began work in 2011 with the creation of a mobile antivirus and developed its own system to block online advertising.

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