Pirate Party Trial for Content on Pirate Website

    After the deliberate launch of several provocative sites , the Czech Pirate Party nevertheless achieved its goal - they were finally sued .

    Pirate activists welcomed the news: “Our goal is to change the monopoly of copyright laws so that people are not fined millions for sharing culture with their friends.”

    The pirates began their provocations in July 2011. Then they stood up for a 16-year-old teenager, who was sued by the Czech Anti-Piracy Union , accusing him of publishing links to unlicensed materials on the Internet.

    Under the motto “Links is not a crime”, the Czech Pirate Party launched its own website Tipnafilm.cz with links to thousands of unlicensed films. And then another Piratskefilmy.cz, with 20,000 links to more than 5800 films.

    “We challenge the Czech Anti-Piracy Union to stop bullying a minor teenager and make ridiculous claims against the Pirate Party,” activists said.

    Czech pirates declared an “open war” on the anti-piracy lobby and fired a “control shot” for reliability: they launched yet another Sledujuserialy.cz website, which specializes in television series. And if the previous two sites went unnoticed, this one finally attracted the attention of copyright holders, and the pirates got the answer they sought.

    “The most important political process for the Czech Internet will begin soon!” They solemnly declared . Activists received a subpoena in the case of the non-profit website Sledujuserialy.cz on Thursday, January 21.

    Today, January 26, the pirates announced the search for a lawyer who will represent their interests in court.

    Although it took more than four years to initiate the trial, the plan still worked. “[The pirate party] welcomes the criminal case. So far, the Czech Anti-Piracy Union has only targeted private individuals randomly, intimidating them. The victims were at a disadvantage because they were opposed by expensive lawyers from lobbying organizations that promote the current repressive regime of copyright monopoly. Now everything is different, ”said the chairman of the Czech Pirate Party, Lukáš Černohorský. “Instead of teenagers, lobbyists in the copyright industry will have to deal with a political party that launched a website not for the sake of money, but out of the belief that links are not and should not be a crime.”

    Pirate parties traditionally support pirate sites and torrent trackers. For example, the Pirate Party of Sweden hosted part of The Pirate Bay infrastructure on its servers, and the Pirate Party of Norway launched its DNS service to bypass Internet Explorer’s blocking of The Pirate Bay.

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