Announcement of mitap ThinkPHP # 16 in Kharkov

    You are not yourself when you're hungry! We will not let you get hungry, because the ThinkPHP # 16 menu will have ogro-ooh ohm portions of useful information, new acquaintances, questions and answers, and compote. Yes, and Wednesday - it's a little Friday :).

    Speakers of their reports

    Sergey Lysak, “Hype technologies for legacy - rethinking the basics”

    • Why do we need SPA;
    • why do we need REST;
    • Js frameworks vs. Js libraries - excavators vs. shovels;
    • PHP as a constructor of the front-end part of the application;
    • strategies for updating legacy;
    • technology selection criteria.

    Dmitry Semik, Microservices

    • Monolithic architecture, advantages and disadvantages;
    • microservice architecture, advantages and disadvantages;
    • support for transactionality in microservice architecture using the Saga design pattern;
    • microservices with a shared database (shared database) and with its own database (database per service);
    • our experience: a little about our project using microservice architecture with its own database based on the Symfony 3 framework.

    Maxim Kolodezny, “Serverless applications. AWS ”

    • Manageability cost
    • moving parts, rolling stones, falling blocks
    • triggers and events, how to connect everything
    • REST and APIs
    • complex execution chains
    • logging, monitoring and troubleshooting
    • useful services
    • developer tools
    • where to learn, how to try.

    We will present reports, we will answer questions, we will share experience, we will charge for a good end of the week :).

    Date of the meeting : April 25, Wednesday.
    Time : 19:00, registration starts at 18:45.
    Location : Kharkov, st. Blagoveshchenskaya (former Karl Marx), 1, hub "Factory"
    Cost : free.

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    See you!

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