Update 3CX WebMeeting, 3CX Client for iOS and Click to Call Extension for Firefox

This week at 3CX has been rich in new product releases. Judge for yourself: within 5 days we introduced the new features of the free 3CX WebMeeting video conferencing system , the new version of the 3CX client for iOS and the Click to Call extension for quick calls from CRM (or any site) for the Mozilla Firefox browser. But first things first.

USB transenter support for convenient presentation

If you hold presentations while standing or prefer to leaf through slides not with the keyboard, but with a presenter - these are updates for you! 3CX WebMeeting adds support for standard USB presenters. It is enough to connect the presenter receiver to the USB port and scroll through the online PDF presentation in the way you are used to.

Automatic reconnection to the conference when the connection is lost

Surely you are faced with a situation where you or another participant is suddenly “kicked out” of the conference. Typically, this is due to unstable communication quality or processor overload of the participant’s PC. Now 3CX WebMeeting can recognize such situations and reconnect the session automatically, without user intervention.

Managing users from the chat interface

Another WebMeeting enhancement allows you to manage users from the chat window of the current conference. Clicking on a user brings up a menu where the organizer can control the participant’s camera and microphone, change the user's role in the conference, and even forcibly disconnect the user if he creates interference.

Other 3CX WebMeeting enhancements

Of the small improvements, you can list:

  • New page design for connecting users to the conference
  • Moving and resizing user video images
  • Member Quick Search String
  • New WebMeeting MCU servers worldwide, including countries b. USSR
  • See the change log for a complete list .

New 3CX Client for iOS Beta for Testing

The latest beta 3CX client for iOS received faster PUSH notifications. Now an incoming call message appears extremely quickly, which reduces the likelihood of losing a VoIP call. Improvements have also been made to conferences and employee status displays. The list of major improvements:

  • An option to add a contact appeared on the recent calls screen
  • Added option to make a call via GSM network (Call via GSM) in the contact menu
  • An option to view contact properties has appeared on the employee status screen
  • Added compatibility with 3CX SP5 (server update itself is expected)
  • Complete change log .

If you have not yet become a Beta Tester for the 3CX Client for iOS, do it now by filling out the 3CX TestFlight form .

3CX client video review for iOS (in English - turn on Russian captions)

3CX Click to Call Extension for Mozilla Firefox Browser

We also introduced the Firefox version of our popular Click to Call extension that recognizes numbers on any web page, be it your CRM, online bookkeeping, or any other website. The recognized number is underlined. Now you can click on it, and the number will be automatically dialed through the 3CX web client - without copying and pasting. The extension greatly simplifies and speeds up the dialing of any number with which the user is encountered in work.

When the extension is installed, you can configure its parameters:

  • Call via: two dialers are available: a call through the 3CX web client (3CX v15.5) or through the 3CX client for Windows (TEL protocol).
  • 3CX web client FQDN: The URL of your web client is usually populated automatically. However, you can specify your own web client URL.
  • Number Length: minimum and maximum number length that will be recognized by the extension. Thus, the extension will be able to correctly recognize precisely telephone numbers, and not other numbers.
  • Exceptions: one or more URLs for which the extension should not recognize numbers at all. A typical example is some kind of online number table that you often use in your work.

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