No one noticed how MySQL 8.0 came out

    Unexpectedly for myself, I discovered that mysql suddenly sold out just the other day (April 19), and there is no article on the hub - everyone is discussing it yourself, you know, what.

    I will try to transfer the squeeze from "What's new". For those who follow the development, there probably will be nothing or almost nothing new, for those who are interested from time to time - it may seem interesting. I
    must say right away that in the original post a more detailed analysis of all the points is just a brief squeeze with links.


    • SQL Window functions - window functions
    • Common Table Expressions - Constructs of the form `` sql
      cte1 AS (SELECT a, b FROM table1),
      cte2 AS (SELECT c, d FROM table2)
      SELECT b, d FROM cte1 JOIN cte2
      WHERE cte1.a = cte2.c;

    Now there is an opportunity to do tricks of the form, show me the Fibonacci numbers or go around the tree

    • NOWAIT and SKIP LOCKED - Prevent the request from waiting for a lock at the table level and at the level of individual rows, respectively.
    • Descending Indexes - Descending Indexes
    • Grouping - grouping function in GROUP BY constructions
    • Regular Expressions - finally done REGEXP_REPLACE
    • Character Sets - closed that could
    • Cost Model - query optimizer internals
    • Histograms - histograms for analyzing the query execution plan.
    • JSON Extended syntax - new features, improved sorting and partial updates. With JSON table functions, you can use SQL expressions for data in JSON.
    • GIS Geography support - now supports various coordinate systems - Spatial Reference Systems (SRS), the corresponding data types, indexes and functions.
    • DDL expressions became atomic and fall-proof, metadata in the transaction table.
    • Significant improvements in the "observability" of the system - improved Performance Schema, Information Schema, Configuration Variables, and Error Logging.
    • Improvements in remote administration, work with rollback of changes in tablespace, new DDL elements
    • Security - transferred the community edition to OpenSSL, added SQL roles,
      split the SUPER privilege into smaller ones,
    • Changed default authorization and strengthened password requirements.
    • Improved InnoDB performance on various types of workloads.
    • Added Resource Group - a feature that allows the user to explicitly lay out the load across the cores.
    • We fixed the work of Boolean operations with the varbinary (16) type, which simplified the work with ipv6 addresses.

    Special thanks for clarification in the comments - petropavel

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