What happens to a bitten apple? Right - it goes bad

    Or why the latest MacBook Pro is still an adok. The real story is with the recently-bought MacBook Pro in a company that I took home to set up.

    So, on points:

    1. No USB and Ethernet. It was necessary to transfer the 600Mb file from one computer to MacPro. They stand nearby. How? By slow wifi? OK, but how? Pour somewhere? To the cloud? Two computers stand nearby. And if 6GB? A 600GB? Hell ... (Buy an adapter or fast WiFi - they will tell me - yes, and even a NAS server home, so as not to drive files across the whole world when the adapter is lost)

    2. We have raised vpn in the company via PPTP - we have enough. "Apples" in the penultimate (?) OS Sierra decided that we need to remove PPTP and leave only l2tp. Have you ever set up an l2tp server? Do you know that this is three (well, since I write on the hub, 2 times) more complicated than PPTP? And not every admin will be happy ... In general, I had to raise the l2tp protocol as well, then ..

    3. Lotus Notes from IBM (not from Vasya and Co. from Apple Store or Ali from Playmarket, but from the mastadont) - does not work on Mac OS Sierra. No version. Neither the old (8th) nor the last (9th). Everywhere it works: on Windows, on older versions of Mac OS X, on Linux, everywhere, and on the last (last but one?) OS from Apple, on a computer for 100 thousand - no. But we have Lotus - the corporate standard. In general, three days of life in total (unpacking the package, editing bash installation scripts). As a result - you will laugh, I raised the Lotus version through the "non-emulator" wine windows. On Mac OS Sierra! windows version of Lotus! Masterpiece. By the way, the last Lotus is all written in Java! The one that works (as it were) everywhere. Fantasy. What was there to break ?!

    4. Remember the famous magnet charging wire? He is not in the latest MacBook Pro! Now like everyone else. I stuck it deeper, someone touched the wire, knocked the laptop to the floor or pulled the plug from the outlet ... Progress! (Ah, yes - do not hurt the wires! Well, well)

    5. And the last. There were many more minor jokes with Mac, but this one I did not understand. I’m sitting, picking up a Canon printer, which by the way also works on all OSs, but not here. Suddenly, the sound began to increase or decrease gradually with the sound icon displayed on the screen. Well, as if he had healed his life: it will go out, then go out. I have not seen this even on Acer's netbooks ...

    It may seem to someone that Apple, a Win or Lin user, writes a disgruntled hater. Yes, I’m writing from an old iMac running OS X Mountain Lion - and I think this bunch is almost perfect (only Linux is better!). This is all (and iMac and OS) from Steve Jobs, released during his lifetime. And it all works like a clock. The only thing that changed the disk to SSD. My experience with Macs in parallel with Linux is over 12 years. In general, they did not fail for 10 years ... The first doubts began with the last Air and Sierra on it. And suddenly this ...

    Conclusion: Nothing lasts forever under the moon. The second conclusion - the main thing is people, people. Not companies, not brands. There was Steve, Steve left. And who now rules the ball? And what happens? So that.

    UPD: The
    publication turned out to be hot and gathered a lot of comments and reposts. Suddenly. I did not even try to embellish it somehow, I wrote in haste and in essence. I attribute this not to myself, but to the topic that I raised. Many say that I was, to put it mildly, not ready for a clash with Apple, that I was a bad admin. It's like that. Both bad and not ready. As I wrote, 12 years on the Mac, the times of Steve Jobs are relaxing, you have to constantly face difficulties in order to grow. Axiom. That's just my question for Apple - and how do users cope with all these new jokes? Now, in fact, for those who will read this text a little after its publication.

    1. The fact that files can be transferred through Airdrop is fair. It is unfair if your second computer is not a Mac, or if it is a Mac 10.6 or 10.8 (I have ones along with Linux).

    2. Much fairer was the indication of the ability to use the built-in samba server and share folders via smb. I somehow forgot that it is, although I used to use it often. It affects the transition from Mac to Linux, the presence of all kinds of NAS-storages there and the archaic habit of flash drives.

    3. Also, it turns out that pptp was cut only for users (dummies, children and women). For real experts, the protocol has remained and is configured perfectly through a certain Apple Configurator. I didn’t know what it was, I still haven’t looked, but they say openVPN is configured through it. Keep in mind.

    4. The touchpad is weird. Maybe it’s configurable, but on another computer I don’t want to touch it. I didn’t get the file or folder and transfer it to the Desktop without clamping additional keys on the keyboard. It’s strange.

    5. I wrote that I observed a glitch with an independent life of sound without human intervention. And this MacBook, as it turned out, sometimes the keyboard falls off: just not a single key is pressed for some time. The owner speaks from the purchase itself, which means this is not third-party software, but a bug or hardware. It’s sad.

    In conclusion, I want to say thanks for the + and -. For criticism and different words and debriefing. Anyway - all this is for the benefit of readers. Admin

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