[Ekaterinburg, announcement] UralJS # 7 - three reports on React Native, convenient navigation in SPA and principles of working with DateTime


    On Thursday, April 19, at 19:00, the seventh mitral of UralJS will be held in the Titra loft. We will discuss how React Native opened the world of mobile development to JavaScript programmers, and then digress from specific technologies and discuss what good navigation is and how developers should actually work with dates and times.

    Here is a detailed description of the reports:

    Evgeny Tikhonov, Contour - Let's figure it out with DateTime

    We are faced with dates and times, but do not always understand how they are arranged. Because of this, users of Khabarovsk send messages from the future, and birthday parties for a leap year remain young for a day longer. Why it happens? You can go into the debugger each time, or you can understand the modern model of timing and the structure of the DateTime object.

    I will analyze the basic concepts and principles of working with date and time without reference to a specific platform. I’ll tell you why the day is not always equal to 24 hours, I will teach you to solve problems with time shift and not be afraid of working with dates.

    Innokenty Shushpanov, FastDev - Dive into React Native

    Let's talk about React Native - how it works and why it is so cool. I’ll tell you why we need and why native components and modules are so convenient. We will deal with tools, the network stack and the problematic places of the framework.

    You'll see that any JavaScript developer can easily write a mobile application in React Native.

    Vyacheslav Bukharin, Kontur - Improving navigation in SPA

    Developers and designers rarely think of navigation in the SPA. In the meantime, inconvenient routing greatly affects the user's perception of the product. Remember your own emotions when the application returned you to the previous photo, instead of the profile page, or to the top of the news feed, instead of a post nine hours ago.

    I will analyze the most annoying problems on the examples of VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook and talk about their approaches to building navigation. We will figure out what and how can be improved without reference to specific technologies. I will show how we approached the development of navigation in our own project.

    Participation is free, but you need to register so that the organizers prepare tea, coffee and snacks for all guests.

    Registration is here .

    Records of reports will appear on the YouTube channel after the meeting.

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