PHDays 8: online contests start


    Before PHDays 8 month left. So, it's time to warm up before the hardcore competitive program. A few weeks before the forum, HackQuest and Competitive Intelligence online contests will be held. Do not miss the opportunity to try your hand - memorable prizes and free invitations to PHDays are at stake.

    From April 23 to 29, a competition for all HackQuest web lovers will be held, which was prepared by the ONSEC team. This year, the organizers decided to recall old interesting vulnerabilities and apply them to the modern web. The exercises are based on real-life examples. We recommend delving into old studies and articles, as well as reading documentation for new services. Beginning April 23 at 00:00.

    Within three days - May 4, 5 and 6 - the good old competition "Competitive Intelligence" will be held. For many years now, we have been demonstrating how easy it is in the modern world to collect confidential information about people and companies, yet it is not in vain that they say: “The Internet remembers everything.” We suggest again trying on the role of a scout and checking how quickly you can find information on a certain organization on the Internet. The task is to find as many correct answers as possible to the questions posed in a minimum amount of time. The competition will be available from 9:00 on 05/04/2018 in Telegram - @phdayscibot.

    Very soon we will talk about new contests that will be held on the site during the days of the forum. Stay tuned!

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