Freelance Club Launch

    Recently, as part of a creative experiment, we opened the Club at Freelansim - a place for communication between freelancers and customers. The club consists of two sections: service news and a gazebo. In the news, we talk about innovations, useful features and plans. Materials are published exclusively by the administration of the resource. The gazebo is designed for questions and suggestions on the service, in it you can talk about experience working with a specific customer or discuss pressing issues with colleagues.

    With the help of the Club two important tasks are solved:

    • creating a community in which users can recognize each other “in person”;
    • receiving feedback from users.

    The relevance of creating the Arbor was determined by our other project - “ Toaster ”. There, users often ask questions about freelanceanswers to which require lengthy reasoning or personal opinion. According to the rules of the site, you can post questions that can only be answered unequivocally, so such questions are deleted by the moderators. At Freelansim, we on the contrary give preference to issues that reflect a subjective point of view, welcome the exchange of experience on the use of new technologies and stories about the experience of interacting with specific users. In addition, it is very important for us to receive feedback from users, to understand what difficulties arise when working with the site, what are the wishes for innovations (we are already working to implement a safe transaction) and generally keep abreast.
    In our plans, on behalf of the service, we also place educational and motivational materials for freelancers and customers. For those wishing to become an author - email at the end of the post. In the general section Arbor can be written by any registered user with verified verification. For comments, registration is enough.
    To create a post you need to click on “ Post ” at the top of the Club page, format the text, check that the structure is maintained in it, the text corresponds to the selected topic, and the topic is a useful action of the resource, and be verified if you have not already done so. Immediately after publication, the post will appear in the feed.

    At the moment, posts can be liked, you can complain about them and share them on social networks. You can also complain about comments. We have a number of rules for working in the Club. About them below.
    Recommendations for the post:

    • Write simply. Use simple language to describe complex things. The main thing is useful content, not the beauty of forms.
    • The subject and title should be specific. They should reflect the basic idea of ​​fasting, without water, loud statements and abstractions.
    • The material must be constructive. The benefit to readers should be obvious. Answer the question for yourself: how will my text help other people?
    • Format text for ease of perception. Break large text into logical paragraphs, add headings and subheadings. Paste links to third-party sources, where necessary, or illustrate ideas using pictures and screenshots.

    What and how not to write about:

    • Orders, self-promotion, press releases. Sanctions may apply to authors of irrelevant entries.
    • Posts that violate the rules of the site or do not correspond to the theme of the club.

    If you want to write articles about freelance for us, write to with the topic “I want to write for Freelansim”, we have a large selection of topics for every taste.

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