[Peter] Meeting of JUG.ru with Dmitry Alexandrov - Java on the GPU

    On Wednesday, April 11, a meeting of JUG.ru with Dmitry Alexandrov , Java Champion, a leading expert programmer at T-Systems, will be held in the St. Petersburg office of T-Systems. The subject of the meeting is Java on the GPU .

    Participation is free, registration is required. You can register here .

    Today, GPU resources are available not only on gaming PCs, but also on laptops or cloud machines. At the cost of some effort, they can be used to achieve massive optimizations on standard devices.

    Dmitry gained experience in using the GPU thanks to work on a startup where it was necessary to perform multiple matrix transformations as part of financial calculations. At first, the usual approaches of parallel data processing on the CPU were used, but it became clear that a very powerful resource for such calculations remained unused in the form of a GPU. After some research, I managed to come to a working solution and run calculations on a heterogeneous environment: CPU and GPU.

    After a short introduction on the development of the GPU, the report will examine how they can be used in the Java world. We will briefly familiarize ourselves with the world of OpenGL and move on to CUDA and OpenCL - technologies for general-purpose massive computing on video cards. We will see what are the advantages and main disadvantages of using the GPU in general and in the Java ecosystem in particular. We’ll explore how to maximize the use of GPUs in Java and run it all in the clouds. Let's experiment on how to use the JVM as a “glue” between high-level languages ​​and low-level GPU APIs.

    About Speaker

    Dmitry Alexandrov is a leading expert programmer at T-Systems. He has over a decade of experience working with Java Enterprise in banking / telecommunications, but is also interested in dynamic JVM languages ​​and mass computing. Java Champion, a supporter of opensource initiatives, one of the leaders of the Bulgarian Java User Group and co-organizer of jPrime Conf. Frequent speaker at local events as well as at conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx / Voxxed and Joker.


    Participation is free, registration is required. You can register here .

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