As I did Hot-Spot through Virtual Box

Good day, dear readers of Habrahabr. Today I will tell you how I did Hot-Spot through roundabout paths (in the form of VirtualBox).

Bit of theory

Hot-Spot - a technology that allows a device with a Wi-Fi adapter to make a Wi-Fi point.

Oracle Virtual Box is a program that allows you to create virtual machines with any characteristics for well-known operating systems.


Once, bored on one pair in a computer class, the thought came to my mind that you can drag a USB Wi-Fi adapter from your home and make Wi-Fi (it wasn’t in your office). Naturally, I forgot that I’m not sitting under the admin, and having come in a couple of weeks later, I realized the bitter disappointment. But I did not give up and began to think what to do next.

Three way

I am such a person that if I took up a business that interests me, I will solve it until either I solve the problem or I can be 100% sure that the problem is unsolvable at a given time. I had three options:

  • Spit on all this and listen further to what they tell us. This option did not pass, because of the above.
  • Try to reset the admin password and quickly do all the dirty things. This option also did not fit, due to the fact that such actions could attract too much attention and get on - the first number.
  • Launch Virtual Box, download the Win7 / 8/10 image and shaman already inside it. This was the only option, and I began to solve the problem using this method.

The real hero is not looking for easy ways

Several machines with the following operating systems were available in VirtualBox:
- Ubuntu;
- WinXP;
- Win7.

Guess what I chose first? WinXP. If I only knew ...

First of all, I set up two (!) Networks. One through wired Internet, the other through a Wi-Fi adapter (this was already the first error). I installed the drivers in the virtual machine, I launch the wizard for installing wireless networks, set the name and password, I choose the manual way to install the network on other devices and an error!

“Depending on the software for the wireless network running on the computer, the wireless network wizard may not work. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 871122. ”
This upset me, I spat on the old XP and went to Ubuntu, where I, in fact, also did not find my happiness, because he did not even see the adapter.

Windows XP is dead, long live Windows 7!

Windows 7 was my last chance to get Hot-Spot. By that time, I realized that the adapter had to be connected as USB, not as a network, so I checked it first in XP (the situation has not changed), and then went to conquer the spaces of the seven. Windows 7 saw my Wi-Fi adapter (by the way, this is Asus WL-167G V3). I calmly downloaded the drivers, I begin to install them, and then again a bummer! Code 10!

Then I realized that here I clearly have nothing to catch, and I need to go home and check all this at home. At home, I decided to try to launch not through USB 1.0, but through the second version (pre-installing the extension pack) and lo and behold, it worked! By launching the command line, I launched the command line from the admin, entered the first command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="user” key="password" keyUsage=persistent

Where ssid = ”user” is the name of the network, key = “password” is the password, mode = allow is the permission for the network allocation mode and keyUsage = persistent determines that the password will be saved and it will not have to be specified every time it is necessary to run virtual network.

We launch our point:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Then we go to the network management center and go to the settings of the network adapter from which we get the Internet. There we go to the “Access” tab and put a check mark on against “Provide access to other users ....”. That's it, the Wi-Fi point successfully works through the Virtual Box, and you can give out free Wi-Fi!

To stop our point, write in the command line:

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

As you can see, you can always find workarounds to get what you want!

So, what steps should be taken to go around the whole system?

  1. Download the image of Win7 / 8/10, Virtual Box and Virtual Box Extension Pack. Install Virtual Box and Virtual Box Extension pack and transfer it to a USB flash drive (where will we get the rights to work / study / from a neighbor?). Customize the car. Install version 2.0 in USB. On the network, specify the network bridge, and select the adapter that gives you the Internet. Install on a VirtualBox system.
  2. Connect a USB Wi-Fi adapter to your computer. In the virtual machine, go to the tab Devices-> USB -> (Name of your USB Wi-Fi adapter).
  3. Install the firewood of your adapter in a virtual machine.
  4. Drop the virtual machine on a flash drive / cloud
  5. Configure Hot-Spot on someone else's computer, through a virtual machine, as I described above.
  6. PROFIT!

If someone needs a step-by-step video instruction for installing hot-spot, then here is the link:

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