The digest of events for HR professionals in the field of IT for April 2018


    In April, we are waiting for a big conference about IT-technologies for HR, an updated school for IT-recruiters, as well as many useful meetings and webinars. Stay tuned for post updates, announcements of events for the second half of April will be added later.

    Meeting No. 4 of the My Circle HR Club (mitap)

    When: April 3, 19:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, st. Zastavskaya, d. 22A, Megapark Business Center, SEMrush office
    Conditions of participation: free
    Organizer: My circle

    In the first part of the meeting, we will talk about hiring processes from the point of view of an HR specialist and technical director, in the second part we will discuss how to avoid burnout and loss of existing ones employees.

    1. Features of hiring in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. Anna Perova, Samsung
    2. Improving the quality of personnel selection based on data. Anton Popovich
    3. How not to burn out in a flat company. Tatyana Starikova, HR Generalist SEMrush

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    Catch Me If You Can! (mitap)

    When: April 12, 18:30
    Where: Moscow, st. Alexandra Solzhenitsyna, d. 23A, p. 1
    Terms of participation: ticket price 2 100 rubles (until April 5, 1 800 rubles)
    Organizer: True HR

    1. How to find 30 developers a month, if previously found 3. Vita Baryshnikova, HRD Skyeng
    2. The programmer hires the programmer. Grigory Petrov, Technical Evangelist Voximplant and Alexander Turok, Team Lead Acumatica
    3. We simplify the life of the hiring manager. How to improve the quality of their candidates and not waste time in vain? Independent Recruiter Petya Kuzin

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    HR & Technology Expo 2018 (exhibition and conference)

    When: April 4-5
    Where: Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, bldg. 3, Digital October
    Terms of participation: ticket price for the exhibition - 500 rubles, for the conference - 5 000 rubles
    Organizer: Amplua

    Real cases, trends from the HR industry and T&D in digital development and technology, the
    most advanced experience from professionals.

    At the exhibition you will find an exposition (30+ providers) and a platform for presentations - a showroom of technologies where you will learn about the most interesting IT products for HR.

    And at the conference you are waiting for 10 thematic tracks with speeches by the headliners of the hr-tech market, where you will find technological solutions for any HR function.

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    Python in Web Development (mitap)

    When: April 4, 6:30 p.m.
    Where: Moscow, Vozdvizhenka d. 4/7 p. 1 Premises of the Moscow Exchange
    Terms of participation: free of charge
    Organizer: INDEX

    Let's talk about what Python is and where it is used, and also:

    • What do they usually write in this language and why in it?
    • The most popular libraries and frameworks in Python
    • How to evaluate a Python developer’s resume?
    • How to find out if a job will be interesting for a developer?
    • How to “hook” a programmer (what information should be given in the job description)?

    Speaker - Ilya Lebedev, co-founder of service

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    New features in the search (webinar)

    When: April 5, 19:00
    Where: online
    Terms of participation: ticket price 1,000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    • Recruiter's technical tools: today
    • We optimize the search process
    • Partisan Recruiting Techniques
    • Recruitment goes ... or other business functions
    • FAQ / Questions and Answers

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    HR section at the IT Trends 2018 forum

    When: April 7, 15:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, Medikov 3, “Boiling Point”
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: FriendWork Recruiter

    The event will bring together experts from the hottest IT spheres and the best companies that offer vacancies in BlockChain, GameDev, BigData and Artificial Intelligence.

    Within the framework of the forum, an IT HR section will be held where you will hear the speeches of professionals in staff recruitment and recruiting automation.

    • Building a recruiting system in IT companies. Svetlana Kataeva, managing partner of the personnel company AVRIO Group Consulting.
    • Kontroffer: a view from different angles and how to work with it. Anna Palekhova, Head of IT Recruitment at Hays
    • Recruiting automation in IT companies. Alexander Crassus, CEO of FriendWork's online recruiting automation service

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    Targeted advertising (mitap)

    When: April 13, 18:30
    Where: Moscow, st. Godovikova, 9, page 10, office HeadHunter..
    Conditions of participation: the ticket price of 300 rubles
    Organizer: MARHR

    Xenia Apolonskaya, Product Manager HeadHunter tell about promotional tools in recruitment and about how digital helps reach to our candidates in the network.

    Anna Mihmel, HR Manager / HR Consultant (ex. Out of Cloud, Rosgosstrakh) will tell you about an example of the concept of banners and headlines - what makes this series interesting for the candidate.

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    HR section at the IT Trends 2018 forum

    When: April 14, 15:00
    Where: Moscow, VDNH, Smart City
    Conditions of participation: free
    Organizer: FriendWork Recruiter

    The event will bring together experts from the hottest IT spheres and the best companies that offer vacancies in BlockChain, GameDev, BigData and Artificial Intelligence.

    Within the framework of the forum, an IT HR section will be held where you will hear the speeches of professionals in staff recruitment and recruiting automation.

    The program is being specified

    Details and registration

    IT educational program for HR

    When: April 14-15
    Where: Innopolis Universitetskaya St., 1, Innopolis University
    Conditions of participation: ticket price 15 900 rubles
    Organizer: Innopolis University A

    two-day advanced training course for HR professionals who want to start in the most promising and dynamically developing industry - information Technology!

    In the course you will learn:

    • Understand the key terms of the IT industry;
    • To distinguish between IT professionals and to understand the specifics of IT professions and companies;
    • Be guided in the salaries of IT professionals;
    • Build internal rotation systems for IT professionals;
    • Understand how and where to select IT professionals.

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    Index School HARDCORE ver. (IT recruitment school)

    When: theory April 14-15 and April 22 11:00, practice 17-19, April 24-26 17:00
    Where: Moscow, the venue is being specified
    Participation conditions: tuition 14,000 rubles
    Organizer: INDEX

    IndexSchool HARDCORE ver. - IT recruitment school for geeks of IT recruiters.

    The course consists of 2 modules: technical and recruiting-sourcing. Each module consists of 2 parts: theoretical and practical. In total, we will have 18 hours of theory and 24 hours of practice.

    On the technical module, we will talk about the world of IT, roles, programming languages, technologies and paradigms. In practice, get acquainted with Python and try to write a simple parser for Vkontakte with your own hands, under the guidance of Python developers.

    On the practical part of the recruiting and sourcing module, we will look for contacts, work out the withdrawal of applications and work with objections on invited team leaders and the developer. The theoretical part also addresses the topics of marketing in recruitment, networking and personal brand.

    All participants will receive an incoming interview and a final test.

    Details and registration

    GeekHunter (webinar course)

    When: April 16-27, 1:00 p.m.
    Where: webinar
    Participation conditions: ticket price 10 000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    The course is designed for middle-level IT recruiters who want to pump their sourcing and technical knowledge, as well as learn about new life hacks in IT selection.

    The course program includes 6 webinars and 6 speakers who will share their experience in recruitment:

    1. Technical stack - Eugene Povalishin.
    2. Interview and assessment of an IT specialist - Maxim Kuznetsov.
    3. Active search for candidates - Svetlana Petrovich.
    4. Work with the customer - Elena Fedenkova.
    5. Digital technology - Daria Kudryavtseva.
    6. Productive sourcing - Dmitry Dolidze.

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    IT Recruiter Toolkit: FriendWork (Webinar)

    When: April 17, 19:00
    Where: online
    Terms of participation: free
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    Using the example of several implemented cases, we will see how to increase the efficiency of closing vacancies, as well as:

    • What to base on when choosing an online service for recruiting automation.
    • How to optimize the collaboration of recruiters.
    • How to work with HR analytics.
    • How to apply agile tools in recruiting.

    Details and registration

    IT HR meetup # 35. About the adaptation and organization of hackathons

    When: April 18, 19:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, Malookhtinsky pr. 64, lit. Participation
    conditions: free
    Organizer: IT Dominanta

    “IT HR meetup” - these are informal meetings of HR-s from different IT-companies. We are going to share experiences, discuss interesting and relevant issues or just chat and get to know each other.

    • Hackathon for the first time, Alina Yantsen / HR manager / WazzApps
    • Adaptation: balance of communications and technologies, Daria Kasatkina / HR partner, Project Department / SoftBalance
    • Welcome Days, or why employees should not work 3 days, Anna Demchenko / Senior HR PD / IQ Option

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    Chatbots as an HR tool (mitap)

    When: April 23, 18:30
    Where: Moscow, Oruzheyniy per., 41, Megafon office
    Conditions of participation: ticket price 300 rubles
    Organizer: MARHR

    Larisa Chilikina, HR Director of Banks Soft Systems, will deliver the topic: “Modern Technologies in hr. Chatbot as a tool for adaptation of mass personnel. ”

    Julia Kartashova, HRD of ECR ​​OSA HP, will talk about a bot for automation of personnel adaptation - the winner of IT HR AWARDS in the First Steps nomination.

    Kutovaya Elena, the founder and methodologist of LDSI, will talk about 3 cases of proactive use of chat bots for micro-training managers, conducting training with the help of digital games and building a corporate culture.

    Elena Bezrukova, HeadHunter chatbot product support manager, will talk about the possibilities of the chatbot and show with the example of 2 cases why it is an integral part of automation in working with staff and candidates.

    Details and registration

    HR environment (conference)

    When: April 25, 9:30 a.m.
    Where: Moscow, st. Lev Tolstoy, d.16, Yandex Office
    Conditions of participation: free
    Organizer: Yandex

    At the end of April Yandex will hold a large conference on personnel policy, human development and the most difficult tasks in the field of HR. The conference will be attended by representatives of completely different companies - private and public, small and giant.

    Students will learn how HR processes in different companies are changing today and get acquainted with specific tools that are available to modern HR specialists.

    Details and registration

    About event organizers

    • Amplua is an integrator of the HR, training and development market
    • Мой круг — сервис поиска ИТ-специалистов, часть экосистемы Хабрахабр, Тостер, Geektimes, Мой круг и Фрилансим
    • Университет Иннополис — российский вуз, специализирующийся на образовании в области информационных технологий
    • Яндекс — российская компания, владеющая одноимённой системой поиска в Сети, интернет-порталами и службами в нескольких странах.
    • FriendWork Recruiter — онлайн-сервис для автоматизации рекрутинга
    • INDEX — рекрутинговое агентство, специализируется на поиске ИТ-специалистов; у агентства также есть INDEX School, где обучают HR специалистов, которые работают в ИТ-сфере
    • IT Dominanta — рекрутинговое агентство
    • IT Recruiter School — школа ИТ-рекрутинга
    • MARHR - HR Marketing Project

    If we missed any events for HR-specialists in the field of IT, which take place in April, please add them to the comments.

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