CodeFest 2018: we hire talent

    From March 31 to April 1 at the CodeFest 2018 conference in Novosibirsk, you can become a member of the Mail.Ru, Tarantool or Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) Cloud development team. The lucky ones right at the conference will receive an offer to work in our head office with a move to Moscow! Find out all the details and sign up for a conversation on the site

    By the way, if you recommend your friend to one of the vacancies and we take it, you will receive a bonus of 100 thousand rubles.

    Read more about the Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions project and what we value in people, tell Ilya Letunov, head of MCS, and Ilya Zaretsky, technical director of cloud solutions at Mail.Ru Group.

    The MCS project is a new line of business for Mail.Ru Group, which combines the separate B2B cloud services Infra, Hotbox and Icebox. The teams that developed them were also assembled into a single team and more resources have now been allocated for the development of MCS than for the three “old” services combined.

    At this stage, we made the basic IaaS services: private virtual network, object storage and backup storage, balancer, NAS, NFS and CIS network storage systems, block storage and configuration management service ... In the future we plan to launch a number of PaaS services, and as a result, we hope to get specific solutions for tasks of any complexity, for any IT infrastructure. Within three years, Mail.Ru Group plans to occupy 15% of the domestic market of IaaS solutions.

    If you need to make a React / Redux solution, build an ERP, deploy 1C, make a backend or mobile application, you can configure any environment from our ready-made IaaS and PaaS services, quickly scale it up, convert it into a testing and development environment. This is our main business message and strategy.

    Our product is intended for admins, devops and developers. It is very close to us, because we make a product, and for ourselves, we use it when creating other solutions. In addition, we try to ensure that our service has a “human face”: we provide high-quality technical support 24/7 and focus on the needs of customers, carefully treat the wishes and requests of each of them.

    The product consists of three modules.

    The first is OpenStack, it is an open-source engine on the basis of which we deploy IaaS.

    The second is the object storage developed by us, which allows you to download data and work with them within any infrastructure.

    And the third one is the front-end solution, the admin panel in which we invest all our UI / UX product development experience.

    How are MCS products arranged?

    MCS cloud storage is based on the same technologies that Mail.Ru Cloud is built on. The main language is Perl, we have accumulated vast experience in developing it, so that you can deepen your knowledge and better understand the subtleties of this language.

    The virtual machines in the MCS project are built on OpenStack technology, and Python is actively used in this area. The frontend is built on a framework that is widely used in all other Mail.Ru Group products. However, we are finalizing it using React, so it is advisable for candidates to be able to work with this technology.

    It is very important for us that those who come to the team understand what product they are doing, and not only solve the tasks that the product manager sets, but also help to make business decisions. You will be able to determine the development of the product yourself. This is our drive, and this is what we expect from our future colleagues. After all, the market is now very unpredictable, and the business is actively adapting to the needs of customers. We do not make plans for the year ahead. Every two to three months we can completely rebuild to the current market requirements. And this requires flexibility of thinking and the ability to make decisions independently at the developer level.

    Some of the scenarios that we implement, the developer can know many times better than the product manager who sets the task. The ability to communicate and interact are very important qualities that we seek in people.

    From the point of view of the schedule and remote work in our team, everything is very open and free. Independence is also a very important quality. We are focused on the result, on the commitments that we make at meetings. Then a person can independently resolve all issues, contact any units.

    At the conference, we will conduct interviews for two to three hours and are ready to immediately offer work on the spot. In the chillout, on the plasmas there will be links to the landing page with an entry for an interview with Mail.Ru specialists. Everyone will be able to book time and chat. We quickly make business-critical decisions and we also project this value on the search for employees.

    In addition, we solve issues with moving to Moscow, pay for tickets for the candidate and family members, the first month of renting an apartment, realtor services, hotel accommodation in Moscow for the duration of the search for housing. Detailed conditions for moving to Moscow and recording for a conversation on CodeFest on . And do not forget about the bonus of 100 kilo rubles for a friend's recommendation!


    Frontend Developer (MCS)
    Frontend Developer (Cloud)
    Perl Developer (MCS)
    C / C ++ Developer
    Solution Engineer
    Site Reliability Engineer (Infra)
    Lead Developer, Python / OpenStack

    Come to our booth, ask any questions and join our team!

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