We invite you to the Whatever Hack March 16

    A 48-hour machine learning marathon will begin in our Moscow office on March 16, during which you can demonstrate your skills to create a solution for generating memes, to distinguish a cabinet from a carpet, or to make the best MVP (minimum viable product) as part of a free theme.

    We invite everyone to solve any of the three problems and compete for a prize pool of 1.5 million rubles (or not rubles).

    Further - about tasks and details.

    The rules are very simple. Each team can have up to 4 people, while the presence of all team members is mandatory. Participants are invited to choose one of three tasks:

    1. Determination of the quality of memes

    The dataset is a list of pictures and text captions for them. For each picture-signature pair there is a label - whether they shared it or not. It is required to predict whether people will share a particular picture-signature pair or not.

    2. Detection and classification of furniture in interior photographs

    The dataset consists of photographs on which furniture is marked out using a bounding box. We need to make ~ git clone faster-rcnn ~ , train the detector, which will find the given pieces of furniture, and in the future it will help to choose apartments according to their parameters (make the filter “without grandmother's carpets”).

    3. Free theme

    It will be possible to solve problems that have been postponed for a long time, or to solve an extended version of tasks 1 and 2.

    The first two tasks will be an objective metric. In the 3rd task, the decisions of the participants will be evaluated by the jury.

    The five best teams in each category are awarded prizes:

    1. 240k ₽
    2. 120k ₽
    3. 80k ₽
    4. 40k ₽
    5. 20k ₽

    However, the prize can be obtained in the crypt.

    The Whatever Hack Hackathon is timed to the birthday of the largest ML community in the CIS - Open Data Science - and is sponsored by Dbrain and Mail.Ru Group. Participation is free, but you need to register .

    Gathering: Moscow, March 16 at 18:00, office of Mail.Ru Group (Leningradsky Prospekt, 39, p. 79).

    Completion: March 18th.

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