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    It is widely believed that musical ability and talent for programming are interrelated . Many professional musicians tend to the exact sciences. For example, Boris Grebenshchikov graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at St. Petersburg State University, and Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood (Jonny Greenwood) from childhood unevenly breathed into programming.

    To succeed in any of the two fields of activity, you need the ability to think creatively and systematically and recognize patterns. But even if there is no direct connection between these studies, one cannot deny that the majority of programmers are somehow interested in music. Some even write songs. Including about their profession.

    It is about them and will be discussed.

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    Author's music

    Code monkey

    Jonathan Coulton needs no introduction. Through all the work of this American singer is a geek. His songs from the Valve games are known to millions of listeners. Well, his own experience as a programmer inspired Jonathan to create a hit called Code Monkey .

    This semi-autobiographical pop punk song about senseless work and unhappy love quickly won the hearts of Slashdot users and later even sounded in the opening credits of the same-name cartoon on American TV.

    OpenBSD Releases Songs

    The arsenal of incessantly hostile members of the open-source community is the most diverse. The OpenBSD team is very musical. Starting with version 3.0, each major release of the operating system includes a composition and a comic book illustrating it.

    Sometimes in the works, new product functionality is simply advertised, but from time to time they are used to attack the ideological enemies of the project, such as Cisco and Apache employees. We suggest you listen to a surprisingly high-quality track about the internal kitchen of OpenBSD (with an unexpectedly organic combination of hip-hop and medieval ballad), timed to release the first compilation of the project's songs on CD.

    There were already three such collections, by the way.

    Emergent Collective One

    Emergent Collective One is a compilation of musical works by IT specialists, mainly Flash developers. The genre disc is very eclectic: it contains both dance music and experimental electronics. Especially against this background stands out gangsta rap about PHP sample mid-2000s. The album was released under a Creative Commons license and is available for free download on Bandcamp .

    IE is being mean to me

    Close the section of the song, which, fortunately, has lost relevance. Programmer Scott Ward (Scott Ward), engaged in front-end in the Canadian startup, wrote a song about the pain of coding under Internet Explorer . Years passed, and IE sunk into oblivion, just like the firm where Scott worked. But you can always listen to this song and remember the past. And then breathe out with relief.

    Theme Covers

    Free software song

    Richard Stallman is hard to love and impossible to hate. The creator of GNU Emacs and GCC has made a titanic contribution to the popularization of free software. But his track record is not limited to this. It turns out that Richard has long composed geek parodies of the songs of the peoples of the world. The most famous is the Free Software Song , performed on the tune of the Bulgarian folk Sadi moma bela loza.

    It's nice that Richard approaches his occupation not without irony and does not consider himself to be either a poet or a musician. We invite you to enjoy the anthem of free software performed by the guru.


    The first Russian team on our list. PR-Mex is a musical project from Nizhny Novgorod, consisting of 1C developers Leonid Pautov and Artyom Eryomin. For some time, the guys played heavy metal, but fame brought them just humorous material.

    The first studio recording of the duet was released in 2010, six years after its foundation, and instantly became popular on the Runet. This parody of the famous joint track Eminem and Dido tells the story of an ordinary programmer, unsuccessfully trying to get through to the executive director of 1C and incidentally going crazy.

    After the success of the composition, the group began to be invited to perform.. Despite the fact that the team has calmed down in recent years, many users of Runet remember it to this day.


    Silicon Valley seized new mania. Now almost every ambitious startup has its own a cappella collective , and they regularly organize joint concerts .

    Apple employees sing in The Keynotes group, Facebook workers called their band The Vocal Network, and InTune speaks on LinkedIn. The demand for such music is growing: with each passing year the competition is getting stronger. At the same Google, at least three a cappella collectives were formed - Googapella, Alphabeat and ScaleAbility; about the latter and will be discussed.

    ScaleAbility has been around for over ten years. They perform a parody of the hits, with an emphasis not so much on programming as on the work at Google as such. In their repertoire - songs aboutinternal technical support , Go programming language and even a cover of the previously mentioned song by Jonathan Coulton .

    On New Year's holidays there will be a remake of 12 days of Christmas to the court , where instead of gifts technical problems arising during the holiday load are listed.

    Dylan Beatty compositions

    A system architect, a prominent face in the London .NET community, and part-time musician Dylan Beattie makes parodies of popular songs and performs them at conferences around the world. In addition, he studies Russian and regularly visits Russia, including to share his experience.

    He there perepevki for every taste: the music of Pink Floyd Dylan complains about the outdated practice in large companies, in a parody of Peter Gabriel (Peter Gabriel) says about the professional development of the importance of, and You Give REST a Bad Name cursing bad API-developers.

    Conference Parodies


    A fun video for a popular song is a good way to draw attention to your conference. This strategy was adopted by an IT company. Year after year, SUSECon organizers produce quality clips that parody all the famous hits. The SUSE brand has always stood out from the competition, and this way of promotion is perfect for it.

    Interestingly, the employees of the company themselves participate in the professional recording of these songs. They have both parodies of The Beatles ( CoDe Together ), Rage Against The Machine ( Coding in the Name of ), and more commercial material. For example, in a parody of Maroon 5 ( SUSE. Yes, Please) they arrange a surprise concert in an almost empty data center - by analogy with the original video, where the group came to the occasional wedding. And they turned Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars into a song about patching without rebooting ( Uptime Funk ).

    These videos have become an integral part of the image of the conference, so for the next year the organizers even launched a contest of musical parodies.

    Java conference

    Promotional music videos are particularly popular with organizers of Java conferences who seek to dispel the myth of Java as an outdated, exclusively enterprise language.

    Norwegian JavaZone - the first in the list. It is thanks to its promo video that it has gained popularity far beyond the Java community. You must have seen their parodies of The Shining (Write Once, Run for Your Life) and Game of Thrones (A Songs of Bytes and Wire). And eight years ago, advertising JavaZone 2010, the organizers released a poof for the Poker Face singer Lady Gaga ( Lady Java ).

    A year later, Oracle made its own parody rap video and timed its release to JavaOne 2011. Despite the resonance - the video gained more than one and a half million views - the company did not release similar clips anymore.

    Finally, the organizers of the Russian conference JPoint in 2014 not only released an “agitational” rap video , but also persuaded Nikita Dzhigurd to read a poem praising this programming language with an expression .

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