Business i love you

    I would like to start this post very pathetic. For example, like this: “I have been working in business for 10 years, I have gained an iron heart and have covered myself with armor.” Or so: “Yes, yes, Habr, I am an employee of the commercial service: once an analyst, then sales manager, then a marketer. I am the one whom you all do not love. ” In the end, this is what the post of the first of January should look like. But no. No pathos and romance. I work in the commerce of IT companies non-circular 11.5 years. It was everything: developer, project, marketer, sales person, implementer, editor, IT consultant. Before that I was in the civil service and taught. And today, despite a hundred arguments against it, I can say: “Business, I love you!” Well, it is clear that the development of this thought is under the cut.

    So, I passed my 11 ++ years, met dozens of office rats, saw at least a dozen large bases and without a number of small ones, passed inadequate bosses, some of whom had to be forced to add mandatory drugs to tea, otherwise Kapets, passed unbelievably cool clever chefs . I saw the factories of multi-million dollar implementations and the success of tiny companies that managed to implement the same projects with their own work, but a million in four or less. This is a crazy, crazy IT carousel. And she taught me important, sometimes violent lessons.

    No irreplaceable

    No matter how it seems to us that we are ultra pro, and our authority is unquestionable, there will always be those who are younger, smarter, more protracted, well, or more blatant and more pofigistic. The reality is that there are a lot of job seekers in the IT market, and if you dig around well in resumes, you can find modest and well-working guys, unlike managers who are not working, who don’t work, but carry tasks and draw diagrams at rallies. The same story with developers and testers - I personally hired a guy from the first year of the VMC, who after three months automated a quarter of the testing tasks and “made” our experienced team leaders as standing ones. Now he is somewhere in California, the trail is lost - alas, but this is also a reality.

    What's so positive, you say? Sit and fear for your fifth point in an office chair? Of course not. The idea of ​​being replaceable should become a needle, an awl in the priest that will not let you sit straight - you should go forward and develop, so that the boy’s joyful maneuvers should not open their mouth, sign their backwardness, and calmly comment on ideas, offer criticism and points. development. The only reason for our lag is that we calm down in our jobs and salaries, do not delve into the new, do not look, stop curiosity.

    But this will not make you indispensable. However, significantly reduce the "overhead" costs of finding a new job and a good position. Yes, not indispensable, but demanded and desired specialist, who does not send out a resume. He is lured away.  

    By the way, some of my colleagues found a very original way to gain eternity within the company: take advantage of lazy colleagues and pull off all the tasks. This has a definite effect, but one day you simply cannot cope with the tasks you have taken on and make an unallowable fact.

    There is always no money

    Many employees proceed from the idea that there will always be money for the implementation of their brilliant projects. And the leaders take and refuse: there is no money, but you are ideological. Bad, huh? No, experienced. Let's say a great marketer Inna decides that a company needs a blog. It rolls over to the general and states: take WordPress, bats, fill with posts, blogs are so coolly indexed. The boss thinks, thinks and invested in Yandex.Direct. “A retarded starper, not a cool start-up,” Inna thinks irritably and drank in the campaign Directive. But no. In order to implement a cool blog idea, besides the free WordPress, we need: an expensive template or developer for this business, design, pictures bought, good content (and this is either an order, or an editor, or distract employees from work), promotion of the blog in soc. networks and on specialized sites, again, advertising in context, some kind of SEO, maintaining all this in working condition. Moreover, it is not clear whether or not the blog of the company that develops software for printing automation will be fired. But Direct will bring quite a quick and targeted individuals. It is logical.

    Therefore, when you go with your ideas for money (budget) for their implementation, ask yourself why and what will it give? What will the transition to this new technology? Who needs a new program and what is the capacity of the market? Where is this to be promoted? How many hands do you need to implement? Yes, it did not seem to you - this is a mini business plan, without which it is difficult to get approval and faith in you. For ideas, you can only get grants, but we will not talk about this or where they are going?

    Your ideas are likely only to your liking.

    Speaking of ideas. Often they are denied in companies, and there are several scenarios.

    • The idea is really not very. Well, that is, either it has already been, or implemented, or simply not claimed. For example, to write "a cool program that will collect all the most interesting news, group them by topic and form a user's tape." Millions of them, many died, creating something cool without problems will fail.
    • The idea will be expensive and long, but not the fact that fucking awesome. See paragraph above.
    • The idea is cool, but for some reason they refused you. Most likely, soon you will hear it from the mouth of your leader, like his own. Take a philosophical attitude, do not meddle in disassembly, arrange for yourself an inner triumph about the fact that it was so cool that the boss decided to appropriate it. And yes, most often it is not worth being fired.
    • The idea is accepted, but the implementation at low speed gradually stalls. Usually this happens in a team where everyone is for himself and absolutely not give a damn to all your creatives.

    Sometimes it is very difficult to realize oneself misunderstood and unaccepted and it is easy to allow yourself to form a hurt and undervalued genius. This is wrong, but in youth and inexperience it is generally disastrous. Draw conclusions and work further: in the end, either you will become a real pro and your every word will be authoritative, or you will find the very idea and open your own business.

    You can grow no matter what

    The IT field is interesting because it solves less clutter in it than in the rest. You can even put your own and ours as an architect, but the programmer will not succeed - the work will arise (although you can be a manager, CIO and CTO. I had a CTO graduate in philology, which is also a story). This means that you can grow within the market, change jobs as you increase your position and salary. IT is a sphere of opportunities: you can come to it at 35, start with a manual testing tester and grow to the team lead only thanks to brains and hard work. This is valuable, but I'm afraid not forever.

    You will definitely find your

    I changed 7 places of work, the reasons for leaving were different, but recently everything has become stable - for example, I have been working in the same company for 6 years and we still have a honeymoon. In parallel, I work in another project - 4 years, and we have love that has survived three years. Because it is their own - people of similar ideas, concepts, interests and approaches. People who know how to hear and resolve conflicts in other ways than by screaming: "You are fired, write on your own."  

    I can not today give a universal recipe for how to find their own. First of all, because "my" for me are completely strangers for you. But for about 30 interviews, I found “my own” markers.

    • Do not chase large companies, brands and signs, they are more processes and undercover intrigues than warm lamp labor. There are much more interesting projects in small and medium business that are ready for the development and application of the best brains. There it depends more on each of the employees, and not on the “higher” will.  
    • At the interview, be sure to ask who will be your immediate supervisor - often in the very first moments it becomes clear that this is “not right”.
    • Do not give in on the interview to human charm, be sure to look at the details and professional features.
    • Ask to show the office or look around carefully - as a rule, the atmosphere broadcasts certain moods (for example, intense or noisy, relaxed open space).
    • Much about the company says the way its representatives talk about money. Ideally, if you hear the exact amount at the time and after the trial period, and not "see there."

    By the way, finding your own and calm down is not quite the right wording. Retaining and developing a fruitful relationship is worth the effort.

    Russian business is interesting, PPC, how interesting

    Russian business, if it’s not something blue, red or green and very large, is a fun business: because of every turn, you have to wait for taxes, registries, restrictions, support from employees and contractors. It is simply a standard of survival in an aggressive environment. And all employees are participants of these processes with full immersion. For example, being a marketer, you have to master everything, from legislation to the nuances of product development - at any time it may be necessary to protect your publication, activity, motivate a client’s refusal, support actions, etc. By the way, about clients - the concept of consumer terrorism has long been developed and is developing, this also extends to the B2B sphere: with the first negative experience of relations, you risk to become famous as much as possible. The most annoying thing is that customers often don’t whip a chip in your topic at all,

    Sometimes it seems that those employees who sit straight and live a measured life from bell to bell are in a more advantageous situation: sit, drink their task, no embrasures and exciting falls. But if you want to be among them, sooner or later you will fall behind the development of the business economy and will not be able to qualify for anything more than a salary increase every four years.

    Without learning and development you will be lost

    You would know how much I saw young and early, who slipped into zero in a very short time. But what to say, I myself once was this: arrogant, with three formations, Ponte and almost written dissertation. Such guys come and live in the office with the confidence that they are perfect: on the one hand, the rule of the amateur works for them (an uncomplicated look finds successful solutions and reasons for experimentation), on the other - the freshness of theoretical training. Gradually, attention to the newcomer falls, he ceases to rest on his laurels and falls behind the rest. I call this the frog-traveler effect - remember how at first she admired a new swamp with her story, and then became the subject of ridicule?

    It is important not to bring to such a situation, but to penetrate into the affairs of the company and successfully weave their skills into its needs.

    • Use the help of colleagues and the internal knowledge base - and not only in the first days of work.
    • Do not be arrogant: do what is necessary for the business, and not what you want and seems right to you. All initiative - in the form of proposals.
    • Bring in your work something new, something that you can do cool. For example, I once opened for the old company Habr - our corporate blog brought us tremendous benefits for three years, and now it does not bring two. Again, this is my flaw - I was the holder of the process and could not learn the shift.
    • A conclusion from the previous subclause - be able to train and delegate. Do not be afraid of being surpassed, be afraid of the fact that the project will be bent without you. This is unprofessional and ugly - and the rumors now fly at a speed of 100 Mbps.
    • Learn, write important and new, get additional education - despite numerous rumors, diplomas are in demand in the IT environment and, for example, the course of project management has not disturbed anyone (I have the opposite situation - I received additional education in IT). Yes, most often you will do all this at your own expense, but you also do it primarily for yourself.

    Grow with tasks, learn, develop - and this will bring you both reputation and money.

    There are no totally bad generals.

    They curse the king for the eyes, but their leadership is absolutely necessary. In small and medium business, employees are as close as possible to top management, which often causes the illusion of permissiveness and influence on the company. Well, you probably know how it is: we cannot distribute our money, but we are sure that we know how to manage the company a hundred times more efficiently. I can tell you this: if a person has created his business, hired a handful or a bunch of people and responsibly pays his salary, then he, roughly speaking, cannot be a fool or a fool. He knows exactly what he is doing and is expecting from you not whining and instructions, but professionalism and help in running a business - within your authority.

    Yes, alas, often you have to see the extremely unpleasant attitude of the directors, tyranny, scandals, threats, punishments for every little thing. Do not rush to quit: try to understand your manager (this is easiest to do through the business itself, through understanding the products and services with which he decided to do something), try to work within his vision. Sometimes it gives great results and you become not only one of the best in the team, but also a friend. I realized quite late that you can always manage to quit, but to try to acquire on the spot is much more difficult and promising. Any manager has a lot to learn - the main thing is to be able to approach this source of experience.

    Narrow specialist - not yet about Russia

    It is still impossible to be an excellent IT specialist in our country: you will be required to know the whole environment. In one of my works there was an excellent specialist working with the DBMS - he could solve the most difficult problems with one script and, as it sometimes seemed, with a glance. But in the career growth it was bypassed by another developer who had been digging for much longer, found unexplored ways, but also owned C ++ (we wrote our projects on it), and understood the basics of project management, did not shy away from Ajail, mastered mobile development (this there were times of Android 3.0 Honeycomb). And this is not the only situation when one had to observe the growth of "T-people", the outpacing growth of narrow specialists.

    In commercial departments, things are even worse: if you are a marketer (real, combat, and not a PR manager from an annual PR meeting), then you should understand the development, test, study and test documentation, fiddle with design and fonts, be able to defend the most lame problem, own online marketing, offline methods and even cook a soup of poisonous puffer fish . Otherwise, your work will turn into writing press releases that are unnecessary and uninteresting to no one. Well, yes, in principle, spam, too, someone must write.

    In general, business is an incentive to develop in all directions and test your skills with living examples, and not in theory. This again gives +100 to professional karma.

    Sales and marketing - pain

    Want a joke? Until now, many developers and techies in some completely mystical way refuse to accept the fact that their product should be promoted and sold. Yes, yes, even the coolest product, no one will know, if not tell about it, and in the key of the needs of a potential user. They are sure that it is all by itself. My experience in marketing is unequivocal: the very word of mouth is worth more than all other ways of promotion, it is a very nervous and resource-intensive story.

    But in IT marketing and sales everything is bad: graduates of the Philology are promoting and writing, selling the same ones who yesterday sold pipes, oils, machine tools, etc. All this puts a wall between the developer and the buyer: the developer advertises his product in a vacuum, and the buyer does not find his needs in these attempts (alas, I often watch this even on Habré blogs).
    In general, this is a topic for separate articles, but I give a hint: commerce and development (production) should work like five fingers in one fist, and not apart. Only in this way can you correctly formulate and translate product values ​​to users.

    By the way, this is not only in IT, almost everywhere it is.

    Networking, communication, toxicity

    My mat could be placed here, but Habr's rules strictly call for order. I will be honest and straightforward. Many HR, managers, heads on internal PR and so forth. "Atmospheric" guys go on training, often indiscriminately. These trainings broadcast extracts from various books: Carnegie, Scientologists, business youth, and various emotional intelligences. If there are no trainings, they read it in the books and draw on the Sabbathmitapah. All this is carried to the company, they also have to introduce something: their methods, ways of adaptation, the education of the team, corporate, her mother, culture. One bad word - and hello, there is a toxic label on you. Here the feature is this: hang up faster so that you are not hanged. Sincerity is not in price, in price is hypocrisy. I personally know a dude who puts employees who do not smile at the counter, after three comments - dismissal on his own. In short, do not swear, do not shout at colleagues, or express your opinion. It is, and it will only get worse.

    Only one way out: to work cool, be more silent and learn to be discreet. In the end, this is not the skill. Find your own - pomterites. In general, this topic on Habré is already chewed, I think you understand me.

    My grandmother is 94 years old. Throughout her life, with 7 classes of education, war and accounting courses behind her back, she worked as a sought-after, tough chief accountant who could in the Soviet canteen and in the wild capitalism of the 90s. Even now, wake her up, ask for “02 accounts?”, She will reply “Depreciation of fixed assets”. I owe her a lot in my professional tactics, conscientiousness and hard work. She listens to my stories and says: "I would not be able to work now." Could, of course. Because the general principles have not changed for many years: money for the management, bonuses for the employees, work for the employees, rest for the full. The rest is only implementation details. Our life is changing continuously, just as the situation at work is changing. The task is to live, not to allow yourself to bend, to be professional and above all honest with yourself. Even if they set you up, cleaned out of envy, fired for insignificant trifles, you should always have a trump card - honesty with yourself. So that after all this you come to the mirror and say: “Am I not an asshole?” If the answer is “No, not him,” you can go further - strength, brother, in truth. If the answer is "Damn, he is the most, right now for sure" - spit in the mirror and go on, denying himself the right to be an asshole. Such a simple philosophy.    

    Happy New Year, Habr! Let everyone be cool and professional. Take care of your health and nerves, earn the rest.

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