The annual stock of Porsche Taycan is already reserved, mainly by Tesla owners.

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The first electric sports car Porsche can be the most anticipated car in 2019. Even Tesla owners are interested.

In a recent interview with CNET, President and Chief Executive Officer of Porsche North America Klaus Zellmer (Klaus Zellmer) stated that if everyone who made a deposit for pre-ordering a car, really buys it, the Taycan model will be completely sold out in the first year of its production.

Who are these prepaid customers? According to Sellmer, more than half did not own or do not own Porsche, and some of the potential customers come from Tesla.

Quote from CNET:

If we look at the source of our business, then these are usually people coming to us from other brands, these are owners of Audi, BMW or Mercedes. And now the source number 1 is Tesla. It is quite interesting to observe how people who are interested in Tesla for objective reasons, do not cease to show curiosity.

Sellmer did not provide any details or figures and it is unclear how many deposits were made, as well as how many cars Taycan Porsche plans to produce per year. Earlier it was said about plans to produce about 20,000 copies per year. In November, Porsche CEO Oliver Blum announced that the demand for Taycan had prompted the automaker to increase production capacity, but did not indicate how much.

The start of sales for the Taycan model is the end of 2019.

The Porsche Taycan, formerly known as Mission E, will come in three versions:

The base model Taycan for $ 90,000
Four-wheel drive Taycan 4s worth about $ 100,000
And a model of premium Taycan Turbo with a price of $ 130,000

This pricing policy of Porsche puts the Taycan on par with the older Tesla Model S models (100D - $ 96,000, P100D - $ 135,000), which is not surprising, since they must be direct competitors.

Interesting features of the model:

  • Lack of side mirrors.
    Virtual side mirrors attract attention in the truest sense of the word: images from cameras are reflected in the lower corners of the windshield. Thus, the driver sees the images better, as well as their surroundings. In addition, additional security information may be displayed.

  • Navigation menu with eye position tracking.
    In accordance with our philosophy of having instant access to basic functions. The system detects the instrument in question by camera. Now the driver activates the instrument menu on the steering wheel, pressing the button, giving access to the desired menu. Next, you just need to take another look at the display to select the tool and confirmation by hand. Everything works clearly, quickly and intuitively.

  • The possibility of wireless charging.
    Without cable, without plug, no hands dirty. You just run into a charging plate in your garage and, automatically, inductive charging of the battery begins.

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