CoLaboratory: Pro Content Conference

    If you are preparing content or leading the process of creating it, then you probably wondered (or are still thinking) why you are doing all this, whether someone reads the texts you have suffered and whether anyone needs them at all. Very soon, on March 20, 2018, we are going to answer these and not only questions: our office will host the next ProContent conference for technical writers, editors and localizers.

    Kaspersky Lab has more than 60 customizable solutions that are sold in 150 countries around the world. Can you imagine how much content is needed for them? Now try to imagine how difficult it is to manage all this content - so much so that it is not painfully painful, but efficiently and quickly. This is what we will dedicate the ProContent meeting to.

    What are we going to talk about?

    • About the brand

    The entire first part of the conference will be devoted to brand issues, its tone of voice, the organic integration of content directly into the user's product. A separate report will be devoted to organizing the teamwork of technical writers based on agile methodologies.

    In addition, our employees will talk about how to improve the quality of user interaction in the context of highly loaded projects and observe the uniformity of content when creating the interface and documentation.

    • On the arsenal of technical - and not only - means

    During the second part, we’ll talk about what tools technical writers use, how they automate (and whether they automate) their work, and how we translate Lab products into 40 languages. In the same section, we will touch upon the topic of localization testing that has become a sore point for many.

    • What you yourself want!

    You can talk about content indefinitely. That is why we decided to give you the right to choose the main topics of “ProContent”. Just mark during registration the most relevant issues on creating and managing content, and we will draw up a schedule based on your opinion.

    Register for the event here . The conference itself will be held in the office of Kaspersky Lab on March 20. Beginning at 11 am. Come, we are waiting for you!

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