More free freelance reviews - more money

    At the end of last year, we at Freelansim implemented three major changes to the service: we made placing orders free of charge, introduced mandatory customer verification and changed the subscription pricing for freelancers. This has led to an increase and improvement in the quality of placed orders, as well as to the fact that freelancers began to think more before leaving a response. On the one hand, an expensive subscription helps the customer not to dig into irrelevant responses. On the other hand, it can cut off really cool professionals. Therefore, we made a compromise decision - to introduce a limited number of free responses per day.

    How to get the

    The response limit is 5 pieces. In order for them to be credited to your account, go through verification and make sure that all required fields in the profile are completed. If any information is missing, you will see a stub on the order page. Clicking on “Fill out a profile” will lead to a page where blank fields on which will be highlighted with an error.

    Paranoids and sympathizers can not fill out the data and not be verified by mobile phone number, but pay the subscription in the old manner. The prices remained the same: a piece-by-piece purchase of responses (99 ₽) or a subscription for a day (270 ₽), a week (490 ₽), a month (1200 ₽) and, by popular demand, a year (7,200 ₽). Yes, yes, a little more than if we left a subscription for 500 ₽ / month.

    How to spend

    Each freelancer gets the opportunity to respond for free to 5 orders. Up to 5 responses are replenished daily (they do not accumulate). If you have previously bought a response (or several), then these five are added to those already purchased. Next to the “Respond” button on the order pages, we have set a counter so that you will always know how many responses you can still leave freely.

    When spending responses, first those that are charged for free are spent, then those that are bought. If you bought a response, then you received 5 responses, then spent 4 responses, then the next day, you will have 6 responses again.

    After the limit of responses on the account has ended, you can continue to buy responses individually or purchase a subscription.

    Freelancers who have already purchased a subscription continue to respond as usual. They will have access to the new function after its expiration date.

    What else

    For new users, we have added onboarding. After confirming the mail and entering the system, the user gets to the page for filling in personal data (including mobile phone numbers). You can leave this page at any time and continue filling out another time.

    In addition, we redesigned the menu. Added PRO sections for freelancer and customer . The first includes buying responses, a subscription, raising and highlighting a questionnaire. In the second - the purchase of a subscription that allows you to view the contact details of other users (it is several times cheaper than freelancers and does not allow to respond), as well as raising and highlighting the order.

    A little later we will introduce the Freelancers Club - a place of communication between users of the service, where it will be possible to discuss issues of concern to freelancers with colleagues. And even later, we will present a completely revised version of the project (new design, backend and frontend), which will be even more functional and convenient.

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