Kiwi Bank (JSC) assigns money to users

    It has long started a purse on Rapid and money was transferred there slowly from Google Adsense (at the time of connection it was the only way to withdraw money), the funds are insignificant, but over the long term, the amount of money that has accumulated is less and today New Year greetings from Kiwi Bank come.

    UPD: January 1 15:23 - a call was made and after identification the money was returned. I think this post has affected.

    And most importantly, they warned that they could change the conditions unilaterally and publish on the site THREE days. Warnings about locking the wallet did not come to me, only upon blocking and withdrawal of money.


    I will correspond with the support and maybe return the money, but I will never trust the QIWI BANK. I have to be sure that my money in the electronic wallet of the bank is locked up.

    For 20 years of working with various wallets, I meet this for the first time.

    Thank you to QIWI Bank for the soothing greeting of Happy New Year! I love you too!

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