Sales of plug-in electric vehicles in the PRC for November 2018

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    Sales of plug-in electric vehicles in the PRC for 11 months of this year exceed 900 thousand units. If the trend of previous months continues, the figure of 1 million connected electric vehicles will be achieved. In order to somehow understand the sales volumes in the PRC, it is worth recalling that the mark of 1 million global sales of plug-in electric vehicles was reached in 2017 (almost half came from the PRC).

    According to, in November 2018, 141,790 plug-in electric vehicles (passenger cars, utility vehicles and minivans) were sold. These are record indicators, and 3 months in a row, which is a bit surprising because sales in October-November should fall.

    The chart below shows sales of plug-in electric vehicles over 3 years. Compared to last year, the monthly increase is almost over 70%. As mentioned above, total sales for the year amounted to more than 900 thousand. If you add up all the months (according to EV-sales), the figure will be 906 966 units (explanations about the data will be lower). If we talk about the share of the automotive market, then November was also a record, and amounted to 6.63% (in October - 5.91%). For comparison, in the USA for November

    44,148 connected electric vehicles were sold, and in 11 months - 312,877, which is almost 3 times less than in the PRC.

    Currently, for 11 months, on average, 4% of plug-in electric vehicles are sold in the PRC. In the US, this figure was only for 1 month, in September of this year, in the EU for 3 quarters of this year - 2.24% . The market leaders are Chinese manufacturers who are hardly familiar anywhere else outside their home country. Here are the 20 best-selling plug-in electric cars according to EV-Sales . In the first place, BAIC EC-Series is an electric vehicle with a 30 kWh battery and a power reserve of 150 km. Its price is 25 thousand US dollars (excluding subsidies). A kind of Tesla Model 3 in the Chinese market, because the nearest competitor has 2 times less sales.

    Among the new products, the success of the Nio startup with its new ES8 electric car (7-seater luxury SUV) can be noted, last month 3089 units were sold. He shifted from a leading position in the total annual sales of his direct competitor Model X from Tesla. The first models of this car began to be delivered at the end of July of this year.

    For comparison, from July to December , 8030 Nio ES8 units were sold , and Model 3 for the same period last year - 712 . It is also worth recalling that it is this company that is engaged in the issue of quickly changing the battery and is already placing stations along the highway in the PRC.

    Some explanations to the voiced figures.

    Sales data for connected electric vehicles in China is extremely difficult to find. Yes, there are links to the EV-sales blog, but if you follow the figures monthly, they are very different. For example, in October , it was shown that 119,401 were sold and the total amount for 10 months was 750,937.

    However, in Septemberthe total number of plug-in electric vehicles sold was 649,356. Out of this goes => 649.3 + 119.4 = 768.7 (thous.). Below in the comments, the author said that the formula had gone astray (there should already be 778, not 750 thousand) and he will not recalculate for October, but will show new figures in November. So it happened. 778 + 142 = 920 (th.). I do not know how his formulas work, but when calculating total sales for each month - there were significant discrepancies. Without additional sources (of which I have not found), it is difficult for me to judge where the author was wrong and what is the correct figure. I tried to average the data using different methods, but came to the fact that in the charts I used these sales amounts for the month without recalculation.
    Just so you can rotate these numbers as you like. I do not really like it. And in the case of questions "where did you get ??!" - there is a link to a specific figure. Therefore, if you add up all the amounts for each month, it turns out 906 966, but with the author’s recalculations there is 920 139. There is a little more than 13 thousand differences. Therefore, the modest figure is 906 thousand, and the optimistic figure is 920. This

    also applies to the share of plug-in electric cars in the car market. If the share more or less came together with October, then in November I got 6.63%, and the author had 6.3%. Total sales were taken here.- it hurts a little. Google translate to English gives something more or less normal. The main page has numbers for the last 12 months. So, in November, 2,139,838 cars were sold, and the connected electric vehicles - 141,790. As not, there are 6,626,203.

    I hope that I brought in information about the trend and exemplary sales in China. And if there are suggestions and suggestions about the sources or calculations, I will be glad to hear constructive suggestions.

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