[Video] Why rockets explode, what will appear in Kotlin soon and how to save the review code

    On December 6th, we had another Java-session. They talked about this:

    • about the development of Moira - an emergency response system for incidents (about missiles - here);
    • about contracts in Kotlin, tasks, problems and improvements for DSL;
    • how to choose a robot as a robot in a large team of developers;
    • how to teach all components to generate graphs and metrics on the combat environment;
    • about the correct feedback to detect problem releases.

    In this post - five reports that will make your life better, development more enjoyable, and the new year - even newer.

    How to save the Code Review and not lose in quality (Valery Churkin, Yandex.Money)

    The story of how we improved the code review, figured out how to choose reviewers in a large development team, and made a plug-in for BitBucket for this.

    What have we learned while making our own system of notification of emergency situations (Alexey Kirpichnikov, Kontur)

    What to do if the monitoring disappeared metrics of all services? Who should I call if there is 1% free disk space? How to live with a thousand rules for the notification system and does it make life better? Now we have Moira - our own notification system. A report on how we suffered while we were doing it, what decisions were made and more that it is important not to forget if you want to do the same.

    Kotlin Contracts (Dmitry Savinov, JetBrains)

    Contracts are a new experimental feature in Kotlin 1.3. Let's talk about what contracts are in Kotlin and what they eat with. Let's look at what can already be touched - both in a stable mode and in an experimental one. At the end we will discuss a little the current direction of research in this area.

    The Second Way (Alexander Prizov, Yandex.Money)

    How we built feedback flow to detect problem releases using Graphite and Moira. We will tell you how to collect and analyze metrics about the number of errors in the application.

    How not to forget about their services in a combat environment (Dmitry Komarov, Yandex.Money)

    We wrote a DSL plugin on Kotlin and embedded it in the release cycle of components. So all the components automatically get the same graphs and metrics on the combat environment.

    Grafana-dsl and plugin are in our Github repository:


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