The way to create chat bots in Viber has changed

    Since September 26, 2017, the way to get tokens for chat bots in Viber has been greatly simplified.
    Previously, for this it was necessary to create a public account and only to it it was possible to bind a chat bot. Until about January-February 2017, everything was quite simple - fill out a simple form - it becomes possible to register a public account. Around the spring, the form became more complicated, everyone was not given that opportunity. They gave the go-ahead, mainly to large, well-known brands.

    September 26th simplified everything.

    On this day, public chats and bots became two separate channels in Viber. Now you can manage them through the Viber Admin Panel (

    What does the separation of Bots and Public Chats mean?

    • Bots will no longer be tied to Public Chats, and the interface will be adjusted accordingly.
    • Bots will continue to be available under Public Accounts.
    • The search and list functions on the Discover Screen will remain the same.

    What is the Viber Admin Panel?

    • The Viber admin panel allows owners of Public Accounts and Bots to manage their campaigns, see statistics and all public account data.
    • In addition, the Viber Admin Panel will now allow users to create a bot directly through the Viber Admin Panel.

    Creating a bot will be available to everyone . However, the ability to display in the search and in the list on the Discover Screen will be considered by the Viber team.

    Initial registration → Create an account
    Register. We enter the phone number, we get the code in viber for verification and other fields.

    Creating a bot (obtaining a token) We are
    logged in → Create Bot Account
    Fill out the form (the most difficult picture is to pick)
    After filling we get a token.

    Viber has problems with the documentation. Often it is not relevant. You always need to check what you are doing.

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