Virtualization operation: comparison of a virtual server and shared hosting

Many owners of Internet resources host their web applications on virtual servers or use shared hosting . In this article we will try to examine both services in detail, and based on the experience of CloudLITE customer support, we will conclude: which of these services can I give my preference to and under what circumstances. Read all the details under the cut!


Suppose you have a website or plans to create one. You turned to a specialist who knows with what technologies to develop a site. Most likely, he already has a personal idea on which hosting to place it, and will offer a resource from his own developments. But you love to understand everything yourself, and therefore, to get to the truth, you need to be puzzled by the search for reliable and truly suitable web hosting. The same resource that determines how your site will be placed on the Internet.


These abbreviations are quite common. Some write VPS, others use VDS. Both concepts appeared at about the same time and actually mean the same thing. VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) or VDS ( Virtual Dedicated Server ) - a virtual dedicated server.

Physical server

This is the same computer as your home, and sometimes more powerful. For physical servers , processors from a special series are used, which are more expensive than for most home computers. Together with a special type of memory, such processors guarantee the exact execution of programs. In addition, NVIDIA GRID and NVIDIA TESLA M60 video cards can be used in the servers , which are needed for specific tasks and for the most part by architects.


Virtualization is a technology that runs on a single physical computer several virtual machines isolated from each other. In order to carry out virtualization, technical means are necessary. A hypervisor is installed on each physical server (the provider may have hundreds) . Servers are combined into a cluster, the management server manages the cluster . At VMware, it is called vCenter, and allows you to efficiently distribute virtual machines across virtualization servers, manage hypervisors (servers, networks, storages, etc.).

In order to create many virtual data centers in the described infrastructure and give control to the end client, another product is used - vCloud Director. It allows you to manage virtual machines, virtual networks and virtual switch.

Types of Virtual Servers

Historically , VPS shared servers were the first to appear on the market . They are built, as a rule, based on Linux upstream containers . Each client on such hosting receives an isolated container for hosting its files and applications. At the same time, the user has limited access within his VPS.

Today, this technology is becoming obsolete, and over time it will be completely replaced by cloud-based VPS , which has several advantages :

  1. User virtual machines are independent - the influence of one user on others is excluded;
  2. Each VM can use its own OS;
  3. The client receives full administrative access inside the VM and can install any software;
  4. VMs can be transferred between servers and export / import;
  5. In the event of a physical server crash, the VMs immediately start on other servers;
  6. With a high load on the physical server, VMs are moved to less loaded servers.

This solution has been successfully applied in tens of thousands of companies, and over time, more and more organizations discover virtualization .

Shared hosting

As a rule, this is a very simple type of hosting. A set of applications is installed on the provider's server - a web server, DBMS, PHP, and so on. Each user has access to a folder for placing files and a control panel from which he can configure the provided parts of the web server and DBMS for the needs of the site. The advantage of such hosting is low cost and simplicity.


  1. User projects have a big impact on performance. If one site needs more resources, then other sites on the host can work significantly slower;
  2. In the event of a physical server crash, all client sites hosted on it do not work;
  3. You cannot install your software and libraries.

Expert Experience

According to the observations of our engineers, a virtual server works just like a physical one. The performance loss due to the presence of a hypervisor is no more than 5% in comparison with a similar physical server . If necessary, the size of resources allocated by the VM can be changed in one click.

Shared hosting and virtual server can perform both the same tasks and different. If only sites are hosted on a shared server, then VPS can run highly loaded applications (SAP HANA, Oracle databases, 1C: Accounting server) or provide PHP scripts.

ISP Manager Lite

From the ordered virtual server, the user can make his own shared hosting. You can manage it together; just add the necessary colleagues to ISP Manager Lite. Management takes place both from a PC and from a smartphone.

When purchasing a virtual server service, the customer is given the opportunity to install ISP Manager Lite for free. To start using it, just select the desired menu item. Using ISP Manager Lite, you can install the web server with a few clicks. ISP Manager Lite can also manage SSL certificates for sites and share hosting with its customers or colleagues.

Who should choose shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a solution that is suitable for sites with traffic of no more than 2000 people, or for those who find it difficult to configure the server. The advantage of this solution is its low price.

Who should choose a virtual server?

If you have purchased a virtual server , then you can count on a much larger number of visitors than in the case of using shared hosting . In addition, it is not much more expensive if you really want to get high speed and smooth operation of the site. A dedicated Internet channel will allow visitors to work with your site at any desired time.

Difference between technology


As with everything, you first need to decide what your project requests are. If you plan to grow and increase your influence in the selected segment, then you need to stop on a virtual server . It is with him that your site will be able to receive more visitors at the same time and avoid unforeseen breakdowns. Otherwise, shared hosting is also suitable .

We recommend that you use the resource that is most suitable for your task from the very start.

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