The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 213 (July 17-23)

    In the new digest, we explore localization, the design of (for) fingers, the use of CallKit and ARKit, the loss of letters in Android Wear, application testing and the power of minimalism, Instagram growth lessons and the new smart Microsoft thermostat.

    Localization can be automated: experience using Lokalise in combat

    Lokalise is a project localization service that automates the translation of UI elements in mobile applications, software, and on the web. Usually, as a first step, you upload your localization files, and then the texts are edited by product managers and translated either by your translators or by a hired team already on the Lokalise side.

    Design for fingers, touches and people.

    Today, many still cite outdated, less accurate articles on this topic. Sometimes readers combine some irrelevant data with others, and on the basis of this they come to erroneous conclusions. This article aims to put an end to this and offer an updated understanding of how people interact with touch screens, and how you can use this information to develop a better product.

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