PHP Digest No. 111 - Latest News, Materials and Tools (June 12 - 25, 2017)

    Fresh selection with links to news and materials. In the release: PHP 7.2.0 Alpha 2, a couple of new RFCs, materials from YiiConf and FWDays, PHP rootkit, and much more.
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    News and Releases

    PHP internals

    • RFC: Retry functionality - It is proposed to extend try-catch-finally with the block and keyword retry. In case of throwing the corresponding exception in the presence of retry, the try block will be repeated:

      try {
      } retry 3 (RecoverableException $e, $attempt) {
          echo "Failed doing sketchy thing on try #{$attempt}. Retrying...";
      } catch (RecoverableException $e) {
          echo $e->getMessage();

      try {
      } catch (RecoverableException $e)
          retry; // Go to top of try block

    • RFC: Unary null coalescing operator - It is proposed to implement a unary version of the operator ??added in PHP 7.0:

      if ($_POST["action"]?? === "submit") {
          // Form submission logic
      } else {
          // Form display logic


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