10 tools for startups and startups

    In the past, we already suggested strategies and platforms for the first stages of promotion for beginning business owners , as well as a list of useful resources . Add to this a small set of tools that will help in the process of planning, lead generating and designing a product site.

    Startup Graveyard

    Learning from the bitter but rewarding experiences of our predecessors. Strartup Graveyard is a directory of startups that failed and were forced to exit the game. According to the authors, the goal of the project is not to stigmatize people for mistakes - on the contrary, an objective, non-judgmental analysis of the factors that led this or that company to a sad outcome will allow “to remove the stigma from failure” and build a more open, thoughtful community. The medical history is presented in a concise, clear form: name, niche, years of life, investors and the budget, competitors, the main causes of the crash. Visitors are also invited to do their bit - to perform an autopsy of this kind on a project they know (possibly even their own) and send the results of the administration.


    Do you offer users something beneficial? Let them see for themselves. Outgrow offers turnkey solutions to add an online calculator to the site, with which you can make the necessary calculations without leaving the cash desk (estimated cost of the service, cost savings). The system allows you to build complex formulas that calculate several values ​​at once, and accompany the calculations with a clear graphic representation. Other other types of interactive windows are available, such as questionnaires and questionnaires. According to the creators, the windows were designed with an aim to increase conversion and ease of customization - you can choose colors and add a logo to give them a more “corporate” look.


    For young companies, any call, even from potential partners and investors, even from a few clients, is worth its weight in gold. Netguru created a solution based on the integration of Twilio and Slack services, which practically leaves you no chance to pick up the phone. Alerts about an incoming call are sent directly to the specified Slack channel, any participant can answer them directly from the web browser. All conversations are automatically recorded, so you don’t have to bother with fixing key points on paper or in notes. When the conversation is over, a notification appears in the channel from the service that the line is free. The creators emphasize that the Twilio + Slack + Callio tool set perfectly replaces the landline phone. The program code is in the public domain.


    A tool for partial automation of the selection of candidates for a particular vacancy. Vervoe gives you the opportunity to write a script with basic questions and tasks that will be offered to the applicant online as the first stage of the interview. Different survey formats are available: plain text, questionnaires, questions with audio and video materials, the ability to upload files. Nobody will force you to check test tasks in real time: all completed questionnaires are saved by the system, they can be evaluated at any time. Dashboard allows you to track the overall situation with applications and sort applicants by results and statuses.

    Prelaunch Page

    Even if your startup is still at the stage of a vague idea and a bunch of mockups, collecting audience and listening to what people think is never superfluous. Prelaunch Page is an online site builder that, in a couple of minutes, with a little help from you, will create a nice exported landing page tailored just for these purposes. Tell visitors about your project in a nutshell and offer to leave an e-mail to keep them informed about updates. The tool is simple, intuitive and free.


    Aimful search for leads and contacts. If you need to find out the mail of a specific person, the corporate mailbox of the company, or, on the contrary, find out to whom this or that address belongs, this service will scour the Internet for references and give you all the results. The search is performed by such parameters as first name, last name and domain; results may include email addresses, names and positions of owners, company information and phone numbers. The possibility of checking addresses for validity is also provided. The extension for the Google Chrome browser allows you to instantly unload all addresses associated with the domain. Those who need 150 searches a month can use the tool for free.

    Publicfast 2.0

    A platform for collaboration between bloggers and startup owners. By registering on the site, the former get access to fresh interesting ideas that other authors in the niche have not heard about yet, and the latter - the opportunity to "light up" and get advertising. The creators of Publicfast do not boast with big names, but rather emphasize that for the most part, middle-level bloggers who are interested in looking for promising and original projects that could cover for their audience fall into the partners. The service works with a wide range of social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and VKontakte, Snapchat, musica.ly and Periscope will also be connected in the near future. You can set up campaigns, voice requirements and deadlines, make payments and track results directly on the site.


    A tool for segmenting the target audience and email marketing. The service creates a single database of customer and lead contact details and tracks the behavior of each user (frequency of visits, registration, purchase and actions on the site). Based on the collected data, the system determines to whom and at what point to send one of the message templates that you have prepared - whether it is information about new arrivals, a special offer or a reminder. You can set the list of trigger actions yourself; information on user actions and log reports are also in the public domain. In particular, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the tool by looking at the statistics of user interaction with emails.


    A tool that allows you to expand the database of contacts for cool letters at the expense of the audience of social networks. Pluck currently only works with Twitter. Users are selected in the contact list based on the relevant tags, words and phrases or addresses used, the list of which the user sets himself - this may be the name of your own or competitive product, the mention of some event or problem. The team is called to find out for you the email addresses of the selected users using mysterious algorithms and daily arrange them into a list that can be exported for subsequent distribution.

    Lead flows

    The service is based on a simple idea: "The fewer steps, the higher the conversion." The solution from Hubspot allows you to complete the entire chain of actions right up to the target without leaving the home page, which simplifies the life of both the client and the layout designers. The interface element with which the user will interact can have a different look (drop-down banner, pop-up window, slider) and appear on the page under those conditions that you consider necessary. Lead Flows also provides detailed lead reports that can be used to adjust the interface.

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