Why should marketers learn programming

    From the translator: we publish for you an article by Sean Amster, a marketer with a specialization in digital marketing. In the article, Sean explains why his colleagues would be useful to learn programming - at least at a basic level.

    A good marketer needs a huge variety of skills. One of them, which is often underestimated, is programming. All because our world is becoming more and more digital in nature.

    Maybe you will treat this idea with a certain degree of skepticism, it is your right. But I believe that any of us can learn how to program and get a certain profit. In the article, I indicate the reasons why a marketer should study programming.

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    Digital educational program

    When you learn to program, you begin to perfectly understand how computer systems and the Internet work. Get answers to questions like "where are the sites located", "what is the API", "why is this image on my site looks strange".

    Networking and interaction with partners

    When you study programming, you increase not only your level of digital literacy. After that, it becomes easier for you to work with partners from the world of technology - developers, big data specialists, web designers. You can communicate with them without problems, understand what is at stake when discussing any technical issues. In addition, it is easier for you to understand the capabilities of the development teams and estimate the time required for the implementation of a project.

    Making decisions

    Programming helped me in making important decisions as follows. First, now I see the structure of problems and workflows more fully. Not only because I understand the needs and abilities of programmers, but also because the coding process itself taught me several methods of logical thinking. Among others, you can specify the logic of if-else, which is important for CRM and automation systems.

    Secondly, programming helped me learn how to choose software vendors or digital agencies correctly. When you understand how systems and programs work, you can catch the inaccuracies in the words of the seller. And it can help you avoid serious losses.

    Understanding the cause of the problem

    One of the most valuable achievements for me is getting a problem solving skill. Steve Jobs said: "Everyone in this country must learn programming, because it teaches you to think." Instead of worrying about a problem, you can solve it step by step. Logically divide the problem into elements and eliminate each of them step by step.

    When you study programming, your outlook becomes wider. You begin to understand the principle of how software works, and the potential of digital channels around. We are talking about instant messengers, mail and other means of communication. You can personalize your mail, develop some convenient tools for you and perform many other tasks.

    Make your life easier

    If you study programming, it does not mean that you need to create a new Facebook or Airbnb. You just begin to better understand the world around and solve problems better. For example, a video producer who learned how to program at a basic level was able to write a simple script for himself, which he organized into unsorted videos.

    I myself have created a number of small programs that allow me and my colleagues to save whole hours that previously were spent on routine activities and tasks. No matter what you learn, macros for Excel or programming languages. New experience and knowledge will make your life easier and easier.

    Assistance with data processing and analytics

    In marketing, data and their analysis are of great importance. But even if you are not working in this area, studying key aspects of programming can be extremely useful. A marketer can also learn programming languages ​​to work with data and databases, such as, for example, R, Python, SQL. And the experience gained in the process will make working with third-party tools, for example, Excel or PowerBI, more interesting and effective.

    In addition, you will learn to understand various types of data, including logical, integer, date and string. This is very important when setting up new marketing systems or working with business intelligence tools.

    Improving the efficiency of communication with your customers

    You can solve some technical problems that affect communication with customers. Among other things, we can mention unsuccessful site navigation, application interface, frequent infrastructure outages. If you cannot solve any of these problems, then at least you will be able to imagine what needs to be done.

    Save time and money

    This is especially true if you work for yourself or in a small company. You can now solve many relatively technical issues on your own, without involving third-party agencies that are expensive.

    In general, the study of programming by a marketer makes it a more versatile specialist. Therefore, programming is a very important skill for any specialist. In a company where everyone knows how to program, issues can be solved much faster than usual, and with greater efficiency.

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